Of Pancakes, New ‘Phones, and Washing Dried on the Line

I am going to join friends shortly for the annual pancake indulgence that is Shrove Tuesday. I am a bit of a fraud as I am not intending to give up eggs for Lent. Actually, I don’t know that I am going to give anything up. I was thinking of taking something up instead. A good habit, for instance. Something like keeping up to date with paperwork, or not leaving things on the floor. I think that would be harder than giving up alcohol which is my usual Lenten bit of self-denial.
After my ‘phone problems at the weekend, when more than one person suggested it was time I got a new ‘phone, I tried to recall how long I have had my current one, and concluded I must be due for an upgrade shortly. I have had a contract with T-mobile since they called One-2-One, which just about equates with when Eve was a girl. All the same I was a bit surprised to receive a call from them at lunchtime yesterday on the very subject of new ‘phones and contracts. I still lust after an i-Phone which woud speak the same language as my laptop and my i-Pad, but income issues make that a quite ridiculous proposal. The spiffy ‘phones I have seen others using on the bus also fall into that category. So, to cut a long story short, my options seem to be a Samsung Ace 3, a Nokia Lumia 625, or a Sony Xperia SP. I did ask via twitter if anyone had any advice, but no one replied, so I guess there’s probably not a lot to choose between them. At the moment, having had a bit of a play in my local shop at teatime, I am tending towards the Sony, and not only because the staff said it has the best battery.
Today being dry and sunny in parts, I again dried my washing on the line. This, even more than the arrival of Lent and the start of March signals spring. Though the flowers and shoots are a pretty good indication too.

18 thoughts on “Of Pancakes, New ‘Phones, and Washing Dried on the Line

  1. Getting a new phone can be quite a task. Good luck with yours when you get it! And, if it’s any consolation, I have an iPhone and I liked my Android better even though I have a MAC computer that it syncs with. 🙂

    • Thanks. That’s interesting. I do like the way the iPhone screen works, and I also like the way it is all familiar, but I cannot justify spending the amount it would cost me.

  2. Beautiful signs of spring! I have Sony phones by the way, woldn’t have anything else now, the camera is superb and its a sleek little thing – the choice of the individual 😉
    Also, I watched Mind the Gap on i player this evening. The Heygate estate was on, it was really interesting and so sad, if that’s progress I’d rather stagnate.

    • Thanks Gilly. That’s good to know. Is Mind the Gap what I watched last night? Partridge of the Heygate is now covered in a white screen. I am glad I have taken photos of it.

  3. Sorry…this photo…are you now in fact three sheets to the wind? So much for that Lenten pledge. Lent-wise, direction-wise, my suggestion, suggestion-wise is to thank strangers more often.

    • Ho Ho. If I give up wine it will not be for a bit as I have a nice bottle of red open and am not repaired to waste it. I like the thanking idea. Maybe random acts of kindness would be a good one too.
      For New Year, my resolution was to visit those places locally I usually go straight by. As part of this, Celia and I popped into the wig shop by the bus stop the other day and found an absolute Aladdin’s Cave. The shop manager said I could come back with a camera and I must do that one sunny day.

      • “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty”: Photo study of the wig shop? I am finding that expressing thanks for all the little (voluntary) kindnesses and (theoretically paid) services we provide to each other daily makes me a little more humble about our mutual dependency.

        • Definitely a photo study of the wig shop. And there is another I haven’t been in either. I think the manager was a bit surprised by us; two women who had passed the giddy youth stage, oohing and aahing over the array of brushes, manicure scissors, hair ornaments. And we just gaped at the wigs.
          I had. Random conversation with a woman in a shop yesterday where I was looking at graters and she was choosing colourful measuring spoons. She was a little frail and dropped something. I picked it up for her and we began to chat. Mind you, that is not uncommon where I live; someone who was an artist in residence on a project at the local museum said she had never been anywhere where people talked to each other so much.

    • I like Kathy’s suggestion. Of course I have resumed, so that could be called taking up, writing my Greek gods stories inspired all that time ago by your prompt, Julia!
      I am longing to get washing out again today, but am not sure if I have a load.it isn’t breezy though, so it doesn’t look anything like as satisfying when it just hangs there.

    • Well that’s you sorted! We have two; the retractable one I am using at the moment, and an umbrella like one that takes several loads at a time. One of the most useful contraptions I have is an old fashioned ceiling airer in the bathroom. I don’t have a tumble drier.

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