A Face Full of Feathers

MasterB has a new toy. Quite a few of the feathers have already been detached, but it is definitely a winner.

A Face Full of Feathers

A Face Full of Feathers

I baulked at the cost of Da Bird, and instead got three of these for under £4. One went to the Grey Ninja who had her first birthday two days ago. It’s a hit with her too. MasterB was dashing about after it a few moments before this picture, but then he seemed to decide that he could have a comfortable and satisfying game with it while lying on the sofa. Not quite as much exercise as I should like him to have, but what would you? Although he enjoys me waving it about, at this point he had taken control and letting it know in no uncertain terms just who was boss. Bless.


10 thoughts on “A Face Full of Feathers

  1. Great header….that’s one sure sign of Spring – clothes on the line! MasterB obviously does like feathery things – so does Sam…it’s that “bird thing” you know!


    • It’s a grey start today, but so mild. Apparently tomorrow we’ll have temperatures of around 17C. It’s only the beginning of March. At this rate the bluebells will be out before we know it.

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