Trevor, A Cat on Form

Yesterday, realising we were close by the cattery, Octavia and I sent a text message to ask if we could drop in and see Trevor. The answer was yes.
He had just enjoyed his first day of freedom in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and mingling comfortably with the other cats, pinning one who had offended him to the ground under a bush, and retreating for a nap from time to time in his own house space. Someone came to see him last week, liked him, but has not offered him a home. Which means, if you are quick, this glossily healthy boy could be yours.



He looks incomparably better than when he first went to the cattery two months ago. He is sleek and confident, a handsome cat who is very happy in his own fur. And as can be seen from the assertive behaviour with the cat who annoyed him, no pushover.
The cattery has done a fantastic job.


13 thoughts on “Trevor, A Cat on Form

    • He has healed well. You can still see where his sores were, and his back feet are not quite right yet, but he is a very different cat from the one I picked up in January.

    • Like many cats, he seems very self-possessed. He has presence. Quite remarkable how he has bounced from being the skinny needy boy to how he is now. The care he has received has nourished his spirit as well as his physical needs. Well done the Cattery.

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