Celia to the Rescue

You know what it’s like, there you are, stuck in a waiting room with nothing to read. Fortunately you have a mobile phone, so after calling the people who are expecting you so where you are definitely not going to be, you text a couple of friends.
I needed to thank Octavia for the gift of rhubarb I found through the letter box this morning, but knowing she was at work, I didn’t expect a reply before this evening at the earliest. Then I texted Celia who promptly pulled on her Superwoman tights, and found me in A&E.
I had nearly completed my cycle ride to work this morning and was passing St Thomas’ Hospital, when, just ahead of me, I saw a white car crossing through the lane of traffic to my right. I didn’t think the driver had seen me and I didn’t want to slam into the side of the car, so I applied my brakes, hard.
The good news is my brakes are very good; much better than I expected. Impressively effective, I should say. I came to an immediate halt, and fell off my bike in an undignified sprawl on the road. Kind people asked me how I was, picked up my bike, and I got to my feet. My arm felt bruised and instinctively I raised it and held it across my chest. I was pleased to find no holes in my trousers, and although I felt it was nothing serious, allowed myself to be led to A&E by the young woman who had rescued my bike. I am ashamed now that I did not ask her name.

To cut a long story short, I have broken my wrist and am going to have to have surgery, possibly tomorrow, and a plate, or wires, or maybe plate and wires, the details are hazy now. At one point it looked like I might have surgery this afternoon, but evidently there were more serious cases. People, particularly politicians who would like to privatise the whole thing, are often rude and dismissive about the NHS. All I can say of today is that I cannot imagine receiving better treatment. The staff were professional and friendly. They looked after me and my bike (it was put in a relatives’ room with my medical details taped to it) with smiling kindness, even though I learned that they were very over stretched today. Apparently if numbers of patients in A&E reach 65, they struggle; when I was there it was 83. I can’t thank them enough.
Celia’s smiling face coming across the room was like receiving a bouquet of flowers, and she stayed with me, looking after my belongings while I had a CT scan and an x-ray of my shoulder until the decision was made to send me home. Then more waiting for painkillers, and she pushed my bike, whose pink garland had been admired by the medics, all the way home. Nor did she stop there; the washing up I left this morning is done; the washing is in from the line; the parcel has been returned to Amazon. And she doesn’t like hospitals. So thank-you Celia. You’re a wonder.


32 thoughts on “Celia to the Rescue

  1. Oh Isobel thank heavens for Celia and the nice people at the hospital AND at the “scene of the crime” !! A broken wrist is definitely a BAD thing but it could easily have been so much worse of course I’m glad you’re relatively OK….I’m going to guess that Doctor MasterB will be quite happy to have you home for whatever time you’ll be there post-surgery…. 🙂


    • Celia and Lovely Neighbours will look after MasterB while I am in hospital. Female Lovely Neighbour, whose first language is not English, has volunteered ‘spontaneous chopping’ so I can have fresh veg!

  2. Isobel!!!! So glad you are OK. I mean I know your wrist isn’t OK but YOU are OK!!!!! I don’t know who Celia is but I am so glad she is there for you. Surgery!! You know I will be thinking of you. Keep us updated if you can. Goodness woman!!!!

  3. Oh no, Isobel, poor you!

    I’m really sorry to hear this, and I hope your surgery goes well. Hope the painkillers are working, and you are not too uncomfortable.

    A broken wrist makes life so frustrating, it takes twice as long to do anything.

    My sympathies.

    • I am not a fan of surgery, so not looking forward to that, but hope the right surgeon is available to do it ASAP. All the practice I had when I had the carpal tunnel op is proving useful.

  4. Oh, goodness! I’m so sorry about your fall and wrist. I am sending positive healing thoughts to you from over here in NJ. Your friend is wonderful. I hope that the surgery goes well and the healing quickly and that you are back on your bike sooner rather than later. My husband took my son rollerblading 3 weeks ago, fell on his last lap around the rink, and fractured the end of his right radius. No surgery needed, but he’s in a cast for another week and a half, then a brace, and possible physical therapy after that. One activity that he is missing is getting on his bike, even on the trainer in the den as it is still cold out around here. Take it easy.

  5. Comrade! I had a close encounter with some pavement at the end of January to the same effect. Send me a one-handed message is you want to compare notes. Looking forward to comparing scars later in the year. I will be sending the good vibrations in your direction.

  6. Sorry to hear that Isobel. I friend of mine did this last week. Her break was so bad that staff came from other departments to look at her x-ray. But she is on the mend, after surgery to put pins and plates in, thankfully. i am sending you a great big virtual hug.

  7. Oh Isobel, so sorry to read this! Just very pleased to know that it wasn’t a prang with a car – and you did it so conveniently close to a very good hospital! Hope you’re not in too much pain and that the surgery goes well. Hugs and best wishes.

    I particularly liked this “my bike (it was put in a relatives’ room with my medical details taped to it)” What a perfectly appropriate place for it!

    Well done that Celia. You are a star!

    • Pain is fine, though I have been warned it might be worse later. V good care, and as I have been put on a private ward, v good breakfast too!
      Everyone should know a Celia! You will meet her if you decide to do the T S Eliot do in January.

  8. friends like Celia are golden, bless her. and bless you! i hope you recover quickly. at the time of this reading you are still awaiting surgery, but a future post seems to indicate that this has taken place. off i go to continue reading. do take care! and Timmy sends purrs.

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