Third Anniversary

Mother and Cat Today marks three years since Cat died. People are right when they say time heals. That awful heart splitting pain does soften. It’s the rest of his life I remember now; his ginger and whiteness, his swagger, his determination, machismo, demands and affection. He was one in a million, and he lived with me. How lucky does that make me?
Well, doubly lucky it seems, as I now have the Ginger Ninja; Cat’s polar opposite in temperament and character, but equal In affection and good looks. There is no doubt in my mind that the nearly three years MasterB has lived with me have helped me come to terms with Cat’s loss. As I mourned one, I came to love the other.
Tonight I shall toast Cat, look at his pictures, remember his antics; the bowls of water overturned when he was cross with me; the schmoozing of strangers; the whole social being that he was; his larger than lifeness.
Then, on Sunday, I invite you to join me in remembering other loved pets. I am going to be mentioning Claud, Phoebe, Izzy and Tom who have all died since last year. If you want me to add a name to that list, let me know. We can light candles, tell the soppy stories, do whatever. Animals have been important to me all my life, and this little ritual of remembering them and each year has become a way of honouring their memory. So join in, spread the word, just don’t tell Hallmark!

14 thoughts on “Third Anniversary

  1. I read a very interesting piece some time ago about the importance of pets in helping us through tough patches. The emotional strength we draw from their mainly non-judgemental company is healing.

  2. I have always thought that Cat must have had a “paw” in bringing MasterB to you… handsome ginger boy sending another ginger into your heart….who knows….A day for remembering for sure. Sending hugs…..


  3. I didn’t ‘know’ cat but he sounds a precious delight, I have lots of happy memories of my much loved Jassy and even though she’s been gone for 15 years I still have tears as I write.

  4. The saddest part of having a pet is that we outlive them so often. But I would never give up that sadness because then I would never have had the joy. On Sunday I shall raise my glass to a few darlings I miss to this day. To Tia who was with me for 17 years, to Sep who was my Houdini doggie, to Katie who I only had for 18 months. They are never far from my thoughts and I am grateful that I was lucky enough to have them share my life.

    • Beautifully put Jo, hear hear to that. And we want to outlive our pets to know that they have always been safe and well loved. I am in the process of writing a will and working how out how best to make provision for any pet I might have when I die.

  5. after having said good-bye to Samson, the first boy cat i shared a home with, i never wanted to have another cat as i missed him so much. he had been a stray who moved in, uninivited, but he was quite welcome and a rather healthy cat. unfortunately it was long before digital cameras. i didn’t have one photo of him with a conventional camera, i learned to my sorrow afterwards.
    in any case, he was black with a small white reverse triangle on his chest, looking like a collar in his professor’s garment, and he had quite a delightful personality. but i didn’t want to go through that kind of sadness again, and did not consider adopting again, until Squeeky showed up some two years later, and the rest is history of course.
    but time really is an ally and a welcome friend, healing away those sad moments. and in the meantime there is Timmy who was not as young as i would have wished for when he first moved in. but what to do? regardless of their age, they are certainly very good for our health, and they are obviously never stressed about how old we are becoming, so there is no point feeling that way about them. each day is simply a gift, and the memories afterwards are certainly worth every one of those days.
    enjoy the memories – and MasterB, of course, who is busy creating new ones!

    • I feel now that not to live with an animal is a half life. My possessions, my achievements, pale to insignificance beside MasterB who just is. A daily reminder of pleasure in simple things, and beautiful to watch.

  6. Hi Isobel – I’ve only just found your beautiful blog, and these posts about and memories of your beloved Cat have truly touched my heart. I’ve shed so many tears these past 23 days – this past Thursday marked the third week since my beloved boy Bindo passed away, gently, cradled in my arms.

    It is only today that I have been able to attempt to get on with the regular, everyday ‘business of life’, but the heartbreak and the sadness and my missing him will always be with me, just as my love for him will always be with me. On Pinterest recently, I saw a quote by the American actor Jack Lemmon, who said, ‘Death is the end of a life…but it is not the end of a relationship.’

    Death can not steal those bonds, those feelings and those memories from any of us.

    I would like to join you tomorrow – Sunday – to honour and remember my beloved Bindo, and all my sweet and beautiful angels who now don furry wings, along with your beloved Freddy. I have lit candles every night for Bindo for the past 23 nights, and would like to join you and everyone else who is participating in this beautiful and loving celebration of those beautiful spirits that we love, but so deeply miss. It is such a beautiful, heartfelt and loving way to remember our loved ones. Thank you, Isobel, for wanting to do this.

    • June, I am so sorry to hear about Bindo. It will get easier, but it can take a long time. Be kind to yourself. Often our pets support us through difficult times in our lives. They bolster our emotional resilience, give us time out. I hope today helps you. I have put up a new post, and if you would like share a memory or a story of Bindo there, or a link to your own page that would be wonderful. A picture (or several!) would be lovely.

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