Pet Remembrance Day 2014

Tant qu’une personne n’as pas aimé un animal, une partie de l’âme de cette personne reste endormie.

So wrote Anatole France, and I absolutely agree. Animals waken something in us when we love them. Something precious and beyond price. Something that connects us to the natural world and reminds us of our frailty.
The magic of another species seeing you as friend and protector, reposing its trust in you, commands awe and humility.
I am lucky to have grown up with animals. Relatives who were petless simply didn’t figure in my life as a child. I don’t think there was such a person. The various dogs and cats who lived with them were as important a part of the family as the aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. When my parents were engaged, most of my father’s family were living together above my great Aunt Doll’s pub. When her dog Jane thumped her tail as footsteps sounded on the stair, Doll would announce, ‘Here’s Anne!’ Jane held a special place in Mother’s memories along with Doll for the way she welcomed her into the family.

Doll and Jane

Losing a pet is hard. It can be even harder if you work with people who are not animal lovers; who silence your grief with words like ‘it’s just a dog’ and ‘are you going to replace it?’ You may get another pet, but every pet is loved in its own right, and the new does not replace the old.
So today is when we can share, without embarrassment or fear of ridicule, those memories of our pets, the things they did, the ways they brightened our days. If you post something, do please put a link here, so that we can access each other’s stories.
Since last March I know of these cats that have died: Phoebe and Claud, Izzy the Kitten, Tom aka His Malevolence, Sonny, Queen Amidala. Each loved, each mourned. Each much greater than the sum of their furry parts.
Son of Crows?

Son of Crows?

42 thoughts on “Pet Remembrance Day 2014

  1. Good Morning Isobel! Is that Sonny? Beautiful post. I couldn’t believe this day had already come around. I will be hitting publish in a bit with my Pet Remembrance post hoping it flys. I tried a gallery today for the first time and it seems iffy.

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  3. Such a lovely post……I have many memories of pets “through the ages” of my life which I hold near and dear and always will. There have been times when I might not have carried on without the unconditional love I received (and gave) to them all………I’ll be thinking of your Cat today.

    Hugs, Pam

    • I am sure there are. I am about to eat, raise glass of goodish red and light a candle. They say two years for the worst of the mourning to be over. It is now three and I feel so much better, and able to enjoy the memories much more.

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  5. pets are what turn a house into a home, someone once said. there is something to that.
    anyhow, my tribute is for a cat that i mentioned in your recent Third Anniversary post. i realized that i do not have a tribute for him anywhere else, and even though i sadly do not have one photo of him, Sonny does remind me of him a bit. and so his story is the one being told in my corner.
    thanks for organizing this – what a great idea!

    • Thanks Kris, I am glad you enjoyed it. It began a week after Cat died. I knew I might spend the whole day sniffling, feeling sorry for myself, and decided instead to focus on how great Cat was and to celebrate his life. It gave me enormous comfort that so many people joined in, remembering their own loved animals.

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  7. Such a good idea to invite joint remembrances of our much-loved pets, Isobel. Here’s to Cat and Roly and all the other pets mentioned here. They were and always will be, family. 🙂

    It amazes me that it’s five years since I snivellingly walked the length of my favourite beach without a springer spaniel running joyfully ahead. Here’s my tribute to Rolls, my last Springer Spaniel.

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