Broken Wrists

I may not get time to post tomorrow, but want to share part of an email message from a friend. She lists a number of people she knows who have broken their wrists, but this is far and away my favourite. Enjoy!

R broke hers last year, she said she had a sports injury until her husband clarified it by explaining she tripped over her sports bag while getting out of the car in the gym car park!


8 thoughts on “Broken Wrists

  1. I read this to my husband, giving him a good laught. His cast comes off tomorrow, to be replaced by a velcro brace for a couple of weeks. He played “One Day More” from Les Miz last night to celebrate one more day. Apparently he walked into work today and started to sing “Tomorrow, tomorrow, the cast comes off tomorrow”, filched from Annie. Now he’s counting hours. I would guess that you will be with a cast and brace for much longer than he due to the surgery, so I’m keeping you in my “Heal quickly” thoughts.

    • I hope to find out next week how it’s healing. Great news about your husband. I am glad that made him laugh. It makes me giggle each time I think of it. 🙂
      Next stop, physio?

      • He spent several minutes a few times today scrubbing off the dead skin that had built up, but it looks good. The brace is needed for 3 weeks. They’ve suggested physical therapy as his range of motion bending his wrist back is very minimal right now as the tendons have all tightened up. We’ll see how the three weeks go first. He can leave the brace off at home, while working on the computer, etc, which is nice. Give a scritch to Master B from us and our cats, Ceilidh and Dara.

        • I hadn’t thought about dead skin. Ugh! My first follow up appointment is Thursday. I am longing for it and scared at the same time. I just hope the news is good.
          With him luck with the physio.

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