Of Fractures, Achievements, Independence and Care

Tomorrow I have a check up at the fracture clinic. I can hardly wait. At the very least I shall have a new dressing which will be wonderful in itself. This one is starting to smell. What I am really hoping for is a set of X-rays that show my bones are knitting together well, and that I’ll get a date for my first physiotherapy appointment to start the journey back to being able to use my wrist, which several people have warned me could be a long slow business.
Maybe I had been told fractures make you tired and had not believed it. I mean, it’s a broken bone, right? Not an illness. Yet I have been coming home from work and slumping on the sofa. MasterB is all that has kept me from my bed before ten o’clock. The odd hashtag game on twitter and a Terry Pratchett novel almost the extent of my activity. My WordPress presence has been negligible. Last night I changed the bed linen. I worked up to it, and afterwards felt I deserved a medal. It’s like being given an insight into what it is like for the average eighty year old. In trusted shops I requested help with packing my purchases and even putting the change back into my purse. There’s a bit of a high when I do something like open a can of cat food, or manage to write something legible with my left hand, because they represent independence, but after that high subsides it’s all pretty boring. And I am only expecting this state of affairs to be temporary. To be old, to be frail and vulnerable and dependent is something many of us face. Reports last week about over stretched carers cutting corners, arriving late, not arriving at all, confirmed everything we had experienced with Mother. It hardly bears thinking of. Yet it must be thought of, and funds must be found to pay carers decent wages and make their jobs possible. I find it abhorrent that private companies are making money out of the inadequate care being provided. This is not something where words like profit belong.


10 thoughts on “Of Fractures, Achievements, Independence and Care

  1. Very true about carers and shortcuts and short-staffing……but it’s the “new reality” sadly. As for you, I’m glad you are dealing so well with that fracture – I bet you can hardly wait for new bandaging. I remember going through that with my leg surgery. I SO looked forward to new bandages!

    Glad Doctor MasterB is by your side!

    • I am quite ashamed of how grubby my bandage is! These little milestones mean a lot don’t they.

      I wish we could come up with a sensible and compassionate system of caring for people effectively. It is such nonsense to allot someone fifteen minutes. There is slow, very slow, and old slow. Then the carer’s next appointment is supposed to start immediately and the person lives a mile away. Nuts.

  2. Happy for your check up tomorrow and know new bandaging will make you feel so much better. Have my fingers crossed that the fracture is healing, I just feel sure you are doing well. I can see where you would be exhausted. Doing things differently is emotionally tiring and working too is some stress Isobel. It sounds like you are doing good because I hear your sense of humor. I don’t have a broken wrist and I can’t make it till ten. Keep us updated when you can!

    • Thanks Pix. I have been enjoying the work, and then when I finish, I am all in. Much better than sitting about though! And went to see the Cheapside Hoard exhib at the Museum of London, as well as getting some papers sorted.
      I am out tomorrow night, but will be reporting on my checkup, maybe even from the clinic!

  3. I wish you excellent callus formation in your next x-ray. The exhaustion is real – the body is doing a very difficult thing. When you get to PT I’d love to compare notes.

    • Thanks Kathy. Well you know I am already doing finger exercises and raising my arm to he side, behind me and in front of me. It is getting easier. At first my shoulder ached horribly. My emails are overflowing. I shall try to catch up eventually.

  4. Kathy has hit the nail on the head. Your body has had a grievous hurt and your energy is needed to heal, so there’s not a lot left over for activity.

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