Little Lion

For once, our grass has not been razed to a millimetre of its life the moment spring has sprung. Thee result has been a tufty, springy, green space with a number of wild flowers. I love it. And I am not the only one. MasterB is enjoying lurking in the long grass; his eyes follow the birds and the bees.

Sadly our urban meadow is due to be cut this week. There is talk of reseeding the area. An attempt, doomed to failure because we do not have the time or the resources to maintain it, to create a perfect lawn. To be candid, I love the daisies and the dandelions, the odd bluebell that has decided this is the perfect space to flower. There are other flowers/weeds too whose names I do not know. so much more interesting than a billiard table smooth lawn.


16 thoughts on “Little Lion

  1. some lovely lurking captured on camera!
    i agree with you. some finely manicured lawns are simply rather dull compared to a patch of wildflowers 🙂 besides, i can imagine it being rather difficult for MasterB to lurk behind some short blades of grass. this seems much more interesting for him.

    • It’s going as I type.
      Still, it will smell nice today, and hopefully they won’t weed out all the wild flowers so they may bloom again. MasterB will still have the tree and the shrubs for lurking, fortunately.

  2. Definitely calendar material. Our last cat loved my flower bed. Harley, the neighbor cat, would come over even though a friendship never developed. Harley could walk anywhere, but God help him if he tried to walk in the flowers. He understood.

  3. This is my idea of a lawn. One for pets, kids and people with sense…what shame you don’t get to keep it. And as always…MasterB looks like a million $$$

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