Easter Weekend Weather

 Happy Easter

Happy Easter

It’s been a wonderfully cool Easter weekend. After days of warm sunshine, April remembered not to steal summer’s thunder entirely, though there may be rumbles tomorrow afternoon, and doused the temperatures for Good Friday and yesterday. Both days started fine with blue skies and sunshine, but a chill wind was on bass, and clouds made occasional percussion like appearances. On Friday a friend and I poked about the City, and yesterday I ventured North for a splendid day with people I have known for thirty years. Today has been equally good. Heavy showers and light rain. A great day to curl up with a book, submit to a sleeping cat across my knees and later sift through papers, do the dusting.
It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed the foretaste of long days, open windows and the promise of open toed sandals; the near future banishing of socks to the back of the hot press; light lingering in the skies until ten in the evening. I have loved it. Quinoa salad is firmly back on the menu. The garden dances with colour. But a long warm weekend means people nearby staying up late, probably drinking too much, shouting, singing along to favourite songs, talking animatedly into the night in their gardens and on their balconies. And unless you are one of those who falls asleep easily no matter what noises echo off the sun warmed walls (and I am not), that means enforced late nights and tired mornings.

The weather looks set to resume its course to May sunshine on Tuesday. Fabulous. In the meantime, the rain has stopped and it is a lovely evening. MasterB has decamped to the outdoors to hunt insects and sniff the plants. The foxes must have been busy on Friday night as yesterday he spent hours with his nose to the ground, crossing and re crossing the garden. No doubt he’ll find plenty to entertain him this evening too. I have a new book to start, Andrew Miller’s Pure, and a glass of Grenache to drink. But the best news is that a local cat, missing since the 9th April, has returned home. That may need a second glass of wine.


10 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Weather

  1. Happy Easter Isobel! Lovely blog. Your phrase “the garden dances with colour” is spot on. The wind ripped at the cherry blossom tree here today creating a perfect storm of pink wedding confetti across several people’s lawns 🙂

    Enjoy the book. I went to a writing class presided over by Andrew Miller at Cheltenham Lit Fest once.
    Definitely worth celebrating the return of Prodigal Cat. 🙂

    • Thanks Jo. I am working today and the skies are blue once more. I am trying to persuade MasterB to enjoy some time outside before I leave, but he isn’t showing any interest.
      Happy Easter.

  2. We spent Easter out of town with family and it pooped us out! Your Easter sounds very nice with the exception of you not being able to sleep and tired mornings. Glad the missing cat has returned home. Hope you are enjoying your book!

  3. Att loves to hunt insects in the garden now. It’s amusing to watch his concentration and then the wiggle of the butt before he pounces. What’s Grenache?

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