Grey Ninja Naps

You know what it’s like: a late Saturday night, coming home in the thin light of dawn, snacking, yawning and climbing into bed while the rest of the world wakes up.

The grey ninja is finding her paws as she moves into adolescence, staying out late and napping by day.

And like teenagers all over the globe, she was catching up on missed sleep this morning, too tired to do more than lift her head a fraction and stare into the camera, her earlier attempts at rest having been rudely interrupted by a trip to the vet for her annual innoculations. It was all too exhausting for more than a few purrs.


14 thoughts on “Grey Ninja Naps

  1. She pissed again in the corner of the study today. I really don’t know why. I’d popped back into the house having already closed the door leaving for work; I’d forgotten something. For the first time I’ve mentioned this problem at work and have had lots of suggestions: put aluminium foil down wherever she pisses (or as the vet said “eliminates”), get felliway back on, use a cat litter that clumps and clean out the clumps every day so she has permanently fresh cat litter… She remains utterly gorgeous and I am talking to her more than I did, which she seems to enjoy.

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