Ginger Ninja Nap

Just in case you thought I was neglecting my own ninja for the grey one, here he is happy and comfortable this morning.

Comfortable Cat

Comfortable Cat

I took the photo with my new(ish) phone, a Sony with which I am very pleased. I was getting ready to go to work and MasterB was settling back to sleep. He’s outside now, and I can hear a neighbour’s dog barking, so it is likely he is in their garden. When I came home he wanted to cuddle up with me, so he hasn’t had a lot of exercise. I shall be out all day tomorrow as well, so I should like him to stretch his legs a while before I get him in for the night.

I have another little miracle at home. Both amaryllis from Christmas 2012 have styed alive in their respective pots. I looked in vain for flowers in February but there was nothing. Never, mind, I thought, they have lovely thick green foliage. Then ten days ago, buds emerged on both, and now they are glorious trumpets of colour. I have a photograph of one of them. the other I shall try to photograph tomorrow.

Red Amaryllis

Red Amaryllis



18 thoughts on “Ginger Ninja Nap

  1. That is one “pull the blinds down and get out of my sleep” looks if I ever saw one. But looking extra ginger, like a bird caught in the right light. About which we hope he is not thinking.

    • Yes he is looking very ginger this morning too. I think his mind is ten on bird catching. Fortunately his paws aren’t. Thanks for the email. I am still digesting it.

    • Thanks. I wasn’t sure and had to decide between it and a Nokia which I quite liked, but I am really pleased with it. It is quite heavy, but so nice to use. The good camera was a plus, not an essential, but I have been surprised how good the cameras have been on all my phones. Much better than my iPad, which is dreadful. I have the ipad2. Strangely the video camera is excellent.

    • He’s in more or less the same position now, having bounced on me at five this morning and spent some time racing around the flat. I a. Going to try to tempt him outside for a little bit before I have to leave at 9.
      I am so pleased the amaryllis has flowered again. Very exciting!

  2. how comfy MasterB is. i understand exactly how that is – getting ready to go to work while the Cat of the house gets settled for a nap….
    what a beautiful amaryllis blossom! that camera is doing very well indeed. 🙂

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