Death of a Camera

I love my little Olympus. It has been a trusty and trusted friend for nearly a decade now. Small enough to fit in my pocket; a great lens; my introduction to macro photography. But it is not well. I hope it’s not terminal. The lights are on but it is not taking photos. I can zoom, choose between flash and not flash, auto focu or work it out for myself, but at the moment that counts, the shutter does not respond; no image is recorded.

Today I hoped to be able to take it to camera hospital, aka Camera City near the British Museum, but the shop was shut. Maybe next week. Although I use my larger Lumix a great deal, the Olympus is the one I pop in my bag when I go to work or generally out and about. Compact and neat, it punches above its weight. If it has reached the end of its life I shall be more tahn sad. It’ll be like losing a companion, a close friend who has been with me through thick and thin, witnessing the ups and downs of life.

So keep your fingers crossed that it is reparable, and will live to click for amny more days yet.


18 thoughts on “Death of a Camera

    • It has a good lens, and I am happy to pay to have it repaired. I am hoping it just needs to be cleaned and serviced, but I shall have to wait and see. The first hurdle is to get to the shop when it is open!

    • Thanks JulIa, I may not tell the guy at Camera City that, thanks to your comment, I now think of him as the Camera Fairy. It would be a great name for a camera repair shop!

  1. Ha ha Isobel. I just started reading this about your camera and it has a life like I was talking about in your previous post in my comment. Fingers crossed for a repair for your Olympus and you are back to clicking with it happily!!!

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