Wig Heaven

Ir started with a conversation on Twitter about hairnets, though as I wasn’t in at the beginning of that one I couldn’t explain how the topic arose.
Anyway, I mentioned that multi-coloured hairnets are widely available locally, and that we have a wig shop. Evidence of the hairnets was asked for and duly tweeted with a picture snapped on my ‘phone. There was interest in the wigs too.
So last night, on my way round to Octavia’s for dinner, i went into the shop and asked if they’d mind if I took some pictures. The assistant looked a bit nervous, but agreed so long as I didn’t photograph staff or customers, and that I was quick.






It wasn’t my usual camera and I snapped quickly as instructed. It’s not just wigs; there are hair pieces, hair ornaments, brushes and combs, hair dye, curlers, also complete manicure sets.
The place is an Aladdin’s cave.
Celia and I went in there as part of a New Year’s Resoloution to visit local shops we usually go straight by, half the time without noticing. We were enraptured. Such undreamed of treasures on our doorstep. There’s a sitcom waiting to be written set in this shop. Anyone fancy writing it with me?


31 thoughts on “Wig Heaven

  1. I’d love to see inside there! It reminds me of a shop I went to in north London that sells products and extensions for afro hair, which then reminds me of a chapter in Zadie Smith’s White Teeth about hair relaxing!

      • You did Isobel. Had a rough day yesterday. But Chevvy and I went for a really long lazy walk around the river which helped. Getting Crash’s cage out of the house helped too. I put it out on the kerb ‘free’ to a good home. Seeing it empty was really hard…kept making me cry.

        • Ooh that must have been hard to put the cage out. Did someone take it?
          I remember moving Cat’s bed and litter tray out, as I adopted MasterB a month later they were soon back, but it felt awful.

        • I gave his toys to my daughter’s BFF. She has a parrot and has just had an outdoor cage made for him for in the summer. I thought Casper might enjoy them. It actually was hard leaving it on the street. Felt like I was saying goodbye all over again, but someone had taken it by Saturday morning. I just couldn’t look at it…empty…Isobel. It broke my heart every time. I’d see it and look for him, then when it hit me again I would just dissolve. I made the decision that I would not get another bird. With two cats and Chevvy it has always been a juggling act when Crash could be out. I can imagine moving cat’s stuff out was hard. The cage…letting it go…was hard. But I think I did the right thing. Hopefully someone will make good use of it.

        • Decisions can change. I thought I wouldn’t have another cat for quite a while when Cat died. I would visit friends in Oz, travel a bit. The flat felt empty.

        • I am really missing the way Crash filled this house with noise. But I have three other pets. Two of them now 10, and Charlie is seven in October. So I have to be realistic. As they age vet bills will increase. i will never say never because i love birds, but for now it will stay at the four of us.

  2. Can’t write it but I will certainly read it! Glad the shopkeeper said okay even if it meant a rush for you. Great capture of a cool and interesting shop!

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