Health Bulletin

Things are slipping, it is quite obvious. I was at Buckingham Palace this afternoon, outside, not in with ER, though the flag showed she was in residence. There was no bulletin about MasterB on the gate. So I shall have to do one here.
We slept well. That’s not the royal we, I mean the residents chez IsobelandCat. For all MasterB’s protestations, and there have been more this evening, I think he is tired. He took himself back to bed after breakfast and, to all appearances, stayed there until I reached home this evening. He was pleased to see me, and we had a cuddle. He lay down by my feet. He was less pleased when I bathed his wounds, but it was fairly quick. He has had some food, sat in the hall with his left paw in the air, and gazed out of the bedroom window. Now he is having some zzzzs on my bed.
I took some photos of him, so if you are squeamish, skip this next bit.

Yesterday evening’s photo is a bit blurry, but you get (sorry) the picture.
Don’t think he’s too badly off. He still knows how to make himself comfortable.
Wednesday stretch
Not to be outdone, I too am on antibiotics. My scar was a but prickly and uncomfortable, so I peered at it and saw some pus. I cleaned it up, but mentioned it to Octavia who immediately advised me to speak to the fracture clinic. In turn, the clinic advised me to see my GP. I collected a prescription shortly after five o’clock, but the surgery was busy, so my appointment is tomorrow evening.
All pretty smooth and impressive for a service certain sections of the press would have us believe is a disaster.

19 thoughts on “Health Bulletin

    • I know. πŸ™‚ my scar looks better already, and I have bathed MasterB’s wounds this morning. They seem to be healing well. He is still limping though.

  1. Wow, he really got chomped. I am more concerned about you, though, but I shall trust in the NHS. Hope all turns out well for everyone’s front paws.

      • Late addendum here to ask how the clinic/wrist went if it has happened yet.? I got signed off this week on mine. Of course it immediately began to ache in new places. Trying to count the number of x-rays I’ve had in the last 3 months. MasterB will probably be dancing jigs about you very soon, but there is land in sight for you, I promise.

        • Scan last Monday, wrist clinic tomorrow. Quite excited, though it think my infection out me back a bit. My scar is healing well, and my grip is vastly improved. I can rotate my wrist about seventy five per cent if I push it, less to feel it tighten and pull, but I think the constant exercises and increased use is helping.
          Interesting about the pain. I suddenly get fiery pains that leave a brief echo, and there is one ache that is pretty constant, plus others that join in sometimes. We love and learn.
          Keep up the good work!

  2. You and MasterB – the walking wounded! I’m glad both of you are on the mend though…..MasterB’s wounds are impressive – he certainly was in quite a tangle with the intruder. Hope your own appointment today shows nothing amiss……


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