Incarcerated Cat

I am almost too tired to post anything, so there is a danger that I might just fall asleep mid-word.
This picture from this evening probably says more about MasterB’s frustration at his enforced incarceration than any amount of words.



He has again tried to go out. We have been down the stairs several times this evening as he has bolted past me in a bid for freedom.
The lovely neighbours are home from Greece, and shocked at MasterB’s injuries. He enjoyed the attention, and it added a little excitement to his day.
I am wondering about putting a cotton sleeve over his leg and giving him some chaperoned time tomorrow afternoon. He is still holding his paw up, so I shouldn’t like him to be out on his own. Also, I don’t want to risk him rolling in something and introducing an infection. But I do think it would be nice for him to have a change of scenery from the flat’s interior. And I can see from the way he’s behaving that it won’t be long before he’s going to wreck the place if he doesn’t get out soon.


16 thoughts on “Incarcerated Cat

    • No. Though he does like looking out of the window. He aslo likes it if I join him and we look out together. But this evening I think he was just frustrated at not being able to out.

  1. Poor MasterB. Charlie is rather like that when he has been forced to remain indoors due to injury. Very vocal [at ALL times of the day and worse night], and opening cupboard doors, running like a banshee through the house. I feel for you and him.

    • The fact that he is only intermittently vocal makes me think he is still feeling tired from his op. That does make it a bit easier. But when he speaks up he is very loud! Not running yet, still limping, though less. Becoming playful.
      Sounds like a weather report!

  2. Why couldn’t you wrap some plastic around the gauze and tape it well – just while he spends a little time out doors. Do you think he would understand “a little time”? 🙂 If only he could understand.

    • Coming to the same idea. I went through the bathroom cabinet and didn’t find anything suitable for a sleeve, but thought I could tape some gauze around his leg. He is much livelier this morning. I have to go to work, but will be home this afternoon. So may try it then.

  3. Poor MasterB……I’m sure it drives him nuts to only be able to SEE the world instead of being OUT in the world but that injury really was a bad one and I too would be worried about infection outside unless you can figure out a nice, safe covering for it. The two of you could go out and get some fresh air together – I bet he’d love that. How about your OWN injury? All is well?


    • Thanks Pam. My arm is no longer prickly and seems to be responding well to antibiotics. The doctor I saw last night believes it is a surface infection only. Obviously if it were coming from deeper down it would be a worry. Still I shall mention it again at the fracture clinic. No point in taking chances. MasterB’s wound looks a bit weepy. I am going to call the vet for an opinion.

    • He started to play indoors yesterday, so that was a real sign he was getting better. He also chased a fly and knocked some things over. Definitely needing to let off steam.

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