Ginger Ninja Master of His Demesne

MasterB has relocated to the garden. I am listening for warcries. None so far. Thank goodness.
So now for some pictures of flowers.

That’s better.
Octavia was explaining MasterB’s new need to fight. When he first came to live with me, Sonny was the alpha male of the territory and MasterB was happy to go along with that. Maybe it even left him free to be friends with other cats. Sonny tolerated him and defended the patch from all comers, albeit with a little help from me and my water spray.
But Sonny has not been seen since 1st April 2013, and we have to presume he is dead. Even if he is alive, he is not in charge here anymore. So MasterB has to defend the garden, because he lives here. And it seems he has understood this far more quickly than I have.
The carefree days of his youth when he was free to be friendly to visiting Toms – vide Odysseus Ginger Biscuit, Now George of Kent – are over. There is no Sonny to sort the wheat from the chaff while MasterB watched excitedly from the wings. The whole responsibility rests on the Ginger Ninja’s shoulders.
And he’s not going to shirk it.
MasterB has grown up.

15 thoughts on “Ginger Ninja Master of His Demesne

  1. Indeed he has…….however he will truly always be your baby (tee hee) just as Sam at age 14 is mine. What beautiful flowers Isobel… roses here yet – still too early!


    • You know, he is the only pet I have ever had who has tempted me to refer to myself as his mother. He was such an innocent when I got him. But he can stand on his own four paws now.

  2. Roses already?! The first of mine is just but a rosebud 🙂

    Good luck to Master B. Let’s hope he can assert himself without it all getting too nasty!

    • We have had roses for weeks. I was amazed when the neighbour’s white climbing rose started blooming. It seemed far too early, then suddenly there were roses everywhere.
      So far so good; no fisticuffs and he came in looking very pleased with himself last night. He is out now while I enjoy a leisurely Sunday morning in my pyjamas. I just hope I don’t have to rush to the rescue before I am showered and dressed.

  3. Sowwy ’bout Sonny meez always hates tu heeaw when any fuwwy has gone missin’ and is suspected dead. 😦

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


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