Aiming For a Perfect Ten

Well at least I was warned.
You’ll hate me tomorrow, the physiotherapist said, as I began my first session at Wrist Club yesterday morning.
Think Fight Club with as much pain but less punches. Actually, I’ve not seen Fight Club, so maybe Breakfast Club would be a more appropriate analogy. Except there was no breakfast. As it started at eight, I was hoping at least for coffee, and as buttering toast has been a hurdle I have had to conquer, it seemed not unreasonable to think it might be on the menu.
But no.
First there was the assessment with one of those nonsensical questionnaires where you have to rate everything from zero to infinity. That was the annoying but easy part. Next I had to show what I could and couldn’t do; some opportunities to show off, some eye-opening – at least for me – discoveries.
I did the strength test. First with my right hand. Eight. Sounded okay. Is this your dominant hand? the physio asked.
Yes, I said.
I scored twenty-six with my left hand.
Some work needed then.
And then to work on the circuit: various clenching, gripping, stretching and lifting exercises. There was an innocent looking disc that we had to manoeuvre so that the sides touched the surface in the circle. The Spanish Inquisition would have liked that one. Rubber truncheons of various weights to hold and rotate like thoughtful policemen not thwacking innocent bystanders, but lending an air of menace nonetheless. Nuts and bolts to fix and unfix in place on a pegboard. Pegs. Innocent colours leading to sombre black to peg and unpeg on a pole. I reached blue.
No cuddly toy.
Stretchy bands to grip and turn, spongy things to squeeze and release. And to take home. My stretchy band is yellow, but I can grip to pink.
And yes, today I have ached. To my eyes, my wrist looks more swollen than yesterday. I have squeezed the sponge and done my other exercises today, but perhaps with less zeal than on Sunday.
Tomorrow I shall be back in training.
Maybe by Monday I shall achieve a perfect ten.


11 thoughts on “Aiming For a Perfect Ten

  1. I have a friend here who is going through the exact same thing. She fell and broke her wrist and weeks of exercises, physio, and it is still swollen…but she is getting the strength back slowly. I hope it keeps improving Isobel.

    • I keep reminding myself of things I am doing easily and naturally now that were impossible just a few weeks ago. Progress is gradual, but fairly steady I think. My next fracture clinic is in two weeks, so I should know then if I need to have another op to remove the suspect pin. Hoping not.

  2. Ice, ice baby – your wrist will swell from doing the exercises and persisting in them will help the inflammation reduce. I was a little worried until I realized your grip test must be in metric while mine was good old psi and did the math. Fun fact – your dominant hand is only about 10% stronger than the other one.

    Are there others undergoing sessions at the Hand Parlour? Misery, company, all that. How long are you signed up for or is it indefinite?

    • Now why didn’t I think of that? Well probably because I was out the rest of the day.
      There are others in the class, all at different stages f healing, so that is encouraging to see how they are doing, and to hear them say how hard they found the exercises at first.
      The class is for six weeks initially, then there is another assessment. If I have to miss one, I can add another on the end.
      The surgery side of things seems to have been excellent. I was told again by the physio that it was a bad break and the bones had to be put back together. This was a reminder to me to be patient. Not one of my strengths…

  3. Ice yes for that swelling….no doubt patience is the key although I’m with you….not one of my strong points! Has to be good when you’re in a class with others going through the same thing and seeing their progress – you know you’re heading in that direction too. Slowly but surely. Sam used your Tower of London photo for Teaser this week – it was a hit!

    Hugs, Pam

  4. Hi Isobel, I have come over from Sammy at One Spoiled Cat, as it was your picture of the Tower of London that I (well, Austin) guessed correctly first. I have been enthralled at MasterB’s last few days, as in some ways it reflects Austin’s experience at the vets. I thought he would be out of it after his anaesthetic, but he had to go around everywhere both inside and out anointing everything with his smell, reconnect with his tabby buddy and make sure no intruder has usurped his territory … several times! Today, he is quite exhausted.

    I hope both you and MasterB are quick to recover from your injuries.

    • Thanks. Carolyn and pleased to meet you.
      MasterB is right as rain now. His fur is starting to grow back as well, so already his leg looks so much better. He has to go to the vet again soon for his annual check up, but I am hoping to be able to drive, so it should be less traumatic for both of us.
      We can learn a great deal by reading each other’s blogs, can’t we. It is often very reassuring to find someone else and their pet has been a similar journey.

  5. physio is not fun. i once had a badly sprained ankle and was sent off to physio. the first day i left i was almost in tears – the pain incurred after all the ankle-equivalents of your wrist torture exercises was greater than the initial injury. but it did get better. and so will your wrist.
    your perfect 10 is on its way! 🙂

    • Well the perfect ten may be some way off. By Friday my wrist had swollen again. At physio this morning I asked for advice and said i was worried as I can do less now than a week ago. I was told to expect ups and downs but they observed me exercising and basically said to take it slower and easier.
      So no driving just yet…

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