Of Older Persons, New Irons, the Shard and Accidents

With timing that I found infelicitous, my birthday post included an invitation from the hospital to attend the Older Persons’ Unit to check out the state of my bones.

According to the government, I am a mere sprig of a thing, with plenty of years left on the clock before I can even think about drawing my pension. Yet in health terms, I am obviously considered to be heading for my final furlongs.

The double think required to keep both those ideas compatible seems to demand the mixed metaphors. I loved Alice in Wonderland as a child, but never expected to be living in a world where the Duchess and the Queen of Hearts seemed relatively sensible.

Anyway, this afternoon I had my appointment. I finished work at lunchtime, but it wasn’t worth going home, so having eaten, I had a mooch about the City, and did some window shopping for a new iron as I think mine is not going to last much longer. I don’t know if there’s an Older Irons’ Unit, but mine would definitely qualify. It was given to me by a neighbour who sold up to travel the wotld. That was around seventeen years ago.

It was one of those days when you are aware of power tussles among the weather gods; first one then the other seizing the controls, and leaving us mere mortals taking sunglasses on and off, being buffeted by winds, drenched by sudden heavy showers, and warmed by the sun.

I was dawdling along near the Monument when I realised the clouds were stacking up. I decided to head across the bridge to the safety of Guy’s Hospital.

The light was impressive.

Shard Under the Weather

Shard Under the Weather

By the time I reached the base of the Shard, fat drops of rain were beginning to fall. I risked one last snap.
Grey SHard

The heavens opened as I slipped into the shelter of Guy’s entrance.

It was a couple of hours before I left. I had been scanned, interviewed, bloods had been taken. My bones are ok, but given my family history – Mother had osteoporosis and bones like lace – I shall be called back earlier than the usual four years. The nurse did keep telling me I was young though.

Outside, blue skies had returned. I took another picture of the Shard.
After the Rain

Then made my way to the bus stop via one of the less attractive routes past the mortuary. There’s a new building to the north; medical student accommodation I’d guess. This caught my eye and made me smile:
House Rules

The bus arrived at the stop at the same time as I did and I headed home. But at the Elephant we were told there was a diversion. I got out, or alighted, to use the quaintly archaic language of public transport. The road was closed to traffic. There were several police cars, and blue and white tape was tied to convenient structures.
“Not another accident?” said someone nearby. Only last week a cyclist was killed at the Elephant, and a pedestrian seriously injured in a RTA on one of the approach roads.

“It was the police car,” said someone else. “It was answering a call, but hit another car and ripped its door off. No one was hurt though.”

I hope he was right, but a few moments later I heard someone say an elderly woman had had to be cut out of the car. I haven’t looked on twitter yet. One onlooker was taking the opportunity to complain to a policeman about a cyclist’s reckless behaviour that he had witnessed.

I walked on and cast my vote in the European elections.


21 thoughts on “Of Older Persons, New Irons, the Shard and Accidents

  1. What an eventful day. Love that shot of the Shard with the dark clouds behind. At what age do we oh from young to old in medical terms?

    • Good question, but I don’t know the answer. I got the call because of my broken wrist and family history. I took part in a bone survey years ago, because of Mum’s osteoporosis so they had my records. That was v useful, as they can see what has happened over nearly twenty years.

  2. Oh WOW that first shot of the sky and the Shard is awesome and indeed ominous looking. I’ve never heard of this building. That is also something about the accident. My hubby has always said he thinks it would be fun someday to go by someone car as they open the door and rip it off. Of course he’s just “joking” as I know he would never do it in a million years.
    Yeah I hear you on aging and such.

    • Never heard of the Shard?!? I may have to lie down with a damp tea towel over my head. It is one of my favourite buildings, and I am lucky enough to be able to see it from my flat.
      Scroll back through my posts and you’ll find lots of pix!

  3. I think we are of similar age and this double standard thing is really annoying – because they’ve changed things I have about 8 years to wait for my pension and even bus passes are in line with that now whereas before I would have been eligible next year! Glad to hear you are young, fit and healthy!

    • Don’t get me started.every letter I get to do with my pension has a new start date. So much for forward planning! I didn’t realise about the bus passes, though there have been rumbles that their future is in jeopardy. I long for my Freedom Pass!

  4. The better half witnessed another bike accident last month. Such a horrible thing to see. I hope no one was injured and glad to hear you are healthy.

    • This is the camera that Octavia has lent to me. I am still deciding on which my new point and shoot will be, but I think it’ll probably be the Panasonic FT5. It is tough and can be used in all weathers. I was seduced by greater zooms on other cameras, but my little Olympus was weatherproof, and in the end I think that is a more important feature for me in a pocket camera.

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