Shadow Cat

I don’t often play around and edit photos, but this was an exception.

Shadow Cat

Shadow Cat

I like the way his whiskers stand out, but overall, I prefer how he looks in real life.
Now You're Sleeping Comfortably...

Now You’re Sleeping Comfortably…

Work again in the morning, so I am off to bed. I hope you are all enjoying the weekend.
Sweet dreams.

17 thoughts on “Shadow Cat

  1. Mr. May has been staring down at us all month in a way that would make a mouse take cover. He is all innocent when at eye level, but when we sit down and look up the wall at him the tables turn.

    How’s the physio?

    • It is a Bank Holiday today so no physio class which is good as I shall have attended the fracture clinic before next class. I was told I had been overdoing it; the resulting swelling alarmed me, but I am feeling more pain, so I shall be glad to know if that pin needs to be removed or not.

  2. Meant to say about your photo, it’s a little Are You Experienced? and is that the intent? Or maybe that Dylan album cover?

    But does a cat ever connect the dots between horrible catastrophe A and outcome B? Only, I think, when supper is involved.

    • I quite like the idea that MasterB has found his Rock’n’Roll side. The original pic had such sharp contrasts that I thought it might be fun to play, and this is what it came out as.
      I am still thinking about his dot joining abilities…

  3. that second image could well be one of Timmy’s pose, although the solid ginger tabby makes it obvious it really isn’t him after all. i love how cats can stretch and curl and find just the perfect way to be comfortable!
    trust you are having a good night – it is almost day where you are. i am about to say good night myself. and Timmy sends purrs.

    • Thanks Kris. It is day now. MasterB loves to sleep on his back. It is something that Cat rarely did and underlines the differences between them. MasterB is growling at my neighbours who are leaving for work.

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