Sunshine, Sociable Pets and Serendipity

There has been a welcome return of sunshine in the last couple of days. We are having a very British summer with lots of drizzle, interspersed with radiantly blue skies and warm weather. Naturally, we remember the drizzle the most.
MasterB has taken to spending every evening outside. He was with me in the garden yesterday morning too, but kept complaining until I took him in. Then he took himself off to bed. On sunny days, Cat would relocate to the garden immediately after breakfast, and stay outside all day. He napped in flowerbeds, and joined sunbathing neighbours, retreating to the shadow of their sunloungers if it became too hot.
Not so MasterB. He much prefers to nap indoors.
He came out again in the afternoon. I had taken some work into the garden, and Celia had said she would come by with her grandson. MasterB seemed to think the second chair was for him, or at least that Celia could share it with him. I think I have brought him up quite well.

 We Can Share

We Can Share

He wasn’t so sure about sharing with the four-year-old though, and took himself to a shady corner to watch the birds and the insects.
Just Looking

Just Looking

I was working this morning when it was humid, then wet, but by lunchtime the sun came out and I went for a walk with a neighbour and his dog Jarvis in a local park. There was a man wearing a top hat playing the accordion, while a group of people dressed in yellow t-shirts stood around him. I have no idea why.
Families were having picnics. Jarvis seemed to think they might like him to join them and help with eating the sandwiches. He was dissuaded. We walked along a path which was once a canal, through a tunnel under the road and climbed a mound where a man was energetically doing handstands.
Handstand Man

Handstand Man

Jarvis had a swim in the pond, then dried himself on the grass.
Jarvis Gets Dry

Jarvis Gets Dry

We ambled back to our streets and said goodbye on the corner.
Outside my flat I met two women walking their dogs. One of the dogs hung back and was shy. The other came to sniff and lick my hand.
“I smell of another dog,” I said to the women. Then, to the dog, “That’s Jarvis.”
“Jarvis?” echoed the women. “Oh we know Jarvis.”
Connections are more easily made when you have animals.


6 thoughts on “Sunshine, Sociable Pets and Serendipity

    • Yes. There is a group of people from all backgrounds and of all ages who know each other because of their adherence to a local park for dog walking. MasterB is back to being a completely healthy boy.mi am coughing myself into a new existence. And slowly, so so slowly, extending what I can do with my wrist.

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