The Cat’s Whiskers: Contrast

Some time ago, I noticed MasterB was growing a black whisker. rather charming, I thought. Then last week, I noticed he was growing a second black whisker. Intriguing.

Are his white whiskers slowly going to be replaced by black ones? Has he been secretly dying them? Is this something that will extend to his fur? Shall I come home one day to a cat who has changed from ginger to another colour?

Photographing MasterB close up is full of hazards. Or rarther hazard. He does like to investigate the lens with his nose (another reason for getting a robust camera that isn’t going to have hysterics when these close encounters inevitably occur). This leads to rather unfocused results.

You see how I am excusing myself even before posting them.



I notice the weekly photo challenge is Contrast so I think I shall link this one, even though these photos certainly wouldn’t win prizes. But maybe someone out there has a cat whose whiskers have undergone a similar metamorphosis, and has a convincing explanation to offer.

20 thoughts on “The Cat’s Whiskers: Contrast

  1. Lovely black whisker among the whites……Sam has black hair mixed in with the ginger and white – not a lot and not all over – just in some areas. Contrasts are usually interesting – with our boys I think that holds true!


  2. I’m afraid he is not unique in the different coloured whisker department. My Mum had Sooty who always grew one white whisker in amongst her black whiskers and Mackenzie occasionally has a black whisker in amongst his white.

    • How interesting. Cat’s whiskers stayed uniformly white. So why is it that Mackenzie and now MasterB grow the occasional black whisker? We need someone with a working knowledge of genetics. So I shouldn’t be expecting all his whiskers to gradually turn from white to black?

  3. Cat whiskers are colored similar to hair…so if a cat is pure white around the whiskers they will be white. Otherwise, they can be colored, but as they grow thick they pigment tends to fail and the whisker goes white. I’ve seen black bases on white middles, and my kitten Davout actually has a dot dash pattern of brown then white then brown on his whiskers.

    • Morse code whiskers! I was wondering if MasterB’s new black whiskers were a sign f maturity as this has only happened this year. But as Davout has them, it sounds not.

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