Of Day Trips and Good Neighbours

Just in from work and sipping some red wine before bed. MasterB said hello to me from under a bush as I came thtrough the garden but seemed disinclined to come in.

I can take a hint.

He can’t stay out too long though, because tomorrow I want to be up bright early, enjoy my coffee and be out of the shower ready to hit the street at eight o’clock when Celia will be ringing the doorbell.

We are off to Ramsgate for the day. I am so excited. I think I went to Ramsgate about thirty years ago. When I say to, I mean through. I certainly didn’t stop there. Now I am revved up about Pugin architecture, Georgian streets, and lunch in a pub with a view of the sea.

Celia and I did our research in the garden under the shade of the pruned cherry tree this afternoon with the help of two guide books, an ipad, MasterB and tumblers of water with mint leaves.



Celia is one of the people MasterB has accepted in his slowly widening circle of approved humans.

He now loves the lovely neighbours, especially Barbara. If he hears her voice he goes to say hello. He twines himself around her and invites himself into their flat. It has taken ten months to reach this stage. But alas, the lovely neighbours are going to leave. They reckon they can save £200 pcm by moving further out, and as he is Greek, and she Austrian, that helps with the trips back to to see their respective families.

I keep hoping something will happen to make them change their minds. Good neighbours add so much and these two have been among the best. They rented the flat because they saw MasterB in the garden, sweetly posing under the birch tree. They didn’t realise he would be such a close neighbour. I have come to rely on them. They let him out this evening, They may let him out tomorrow when I am in Ramsgate. We have all been cultivating plants up on the top floor, though they win the prize with the cucumbers grown on their bedroom windowsill.

It will be a sad day when they move out. I am not sure I can bear to witness their departure. They don’t know about this blog, but I may give them the address so that Barbara can continue to see pictures of MasterB, or Sweetie as she tends to call him, and I can have some way of staying in touch.

13 thoughts on “Of Day Trips and Good Neighbours

    • Thanks. If I don’t jump in the shower in a moment I shall risk being late. Alas our lovely sunshine has given way to cloud and rain, so the pix may be rather dull. However, I have some of the Palace of Westminster I could post where the detail is astonishing. I keep meaning to read God’s Architect, my friend Andrea recommended it highly.

  1. Have fun on your outing with Celia today…………it’s always sad to lose good neighbors…..hope whoever moves in will appreciate the joy of knowing MasterB and you!


    • We had such a good day, Pam. It was delightful. These neighbours have set the bar very high for anyone else moving in. Still, you never know.

    • We had great weather, much better than forecast. The neighbours let MasterB out in the afternoon, so he was strolling the garden when I came home.

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