Aunt at the Pub, Birds, Super Repairman, and MasterB

I had a little problem with my car on the way home, meaning that MasterB and I sat in an isolated lane for around forty minutes waiting for the repairman. Actually MasterB lay and I stood. I moved his cat basket from the car and settled him in the shade of a tree.

The repairman would have been quicker had not the person who answered my call, yes Connor, I do mean you, given the address my mobile phone appeared to be calling from rather than where I said I was. It turns out the two are some five miles apart. The repairman, not finding me, called. He quoted the address he had. I squeaked. He took down the details I gave him. He arrived, and despite a distinct lack of underpants on top of his overalls, diagnosed and fixed the problem.

The upshot is that we arrived home rather later than anticipated. I am now clean, I have eaten, the washing machine is on, and MasterB, after a quick visit indoors to establish no other cat has moved in, is in the garden.

So here are some pictures from the last three days. I am going to do some reading before I toddle off to bed.
Sweet dreams.


20 thoughts on “Aunt at the Pub, Birds, Super Repairman, and MasterB

    • Yes, Friday was hot, and it was sheer chance I had already arranged to go away. So I was lucky. Heat and traffic makes a toxic combination of pollution on main roads is London. Also, it is always cooler on the river.

  1. Loved the idea of Master B sitting under a tree! So lovely to see Aunt out having fun in the sunshine.

    I’m going to take the plunge & get a camera rather than using my phone / ipad. Will trawl your posts about yours. Do you upload to an ipad toast on the blog?

  2. “a distinct lack of underpants on top of his overalls” – is causing my poor stupid American brain many giggles.

    Thank you for the Greblets.

  3. So nice to meet your Aunt! The swans on the water.. so nice too. Have to go back and read what you said you had for lunch but it looks good.. 🙂 My pub lunch was a salmon sandwich and the salmon was dry but the ciabatta bread it was served on was delicious. Sorry you had car trouble, always frustrating. “a distinct lack of underpants on top of his overalls”.. a common “look” around our part of the farming country! Boxers showing is popular too! Oooo the Grebes!

    • I don’t think I did say. Aunt had chicken and bacon which would have had ciabatta too, but she has Coeliac disease, so we scrapped that, with rocket, tomatoes and chips. I had pasta in a creamy mushroom sauce with salad.
      It is the pub we went to the day Mother died,but Aunt has never been there, so it had quite a bit of significance.

  4. Wonderful, thanks for showing us the grebes, a treat for all of us! I think Connor can be forgiven for keeping his pants inside at least they weren’t rising above. 🙂

  5. Never a dull moment…..! Lovely photos though and your Aunt looks like she’s enjoying her pub lunch tremendously. You had a perfect day weather-wise and other than car trouble, in every other way I should think………!


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