My name is way down the waiting list for an allotment. Years before it is even remotely likely. However, I have contacts and consolations.

A bowl of ripening plums sits in my kitchen thanks to Mike. Tonight Octavia asked if I should like to help pick some of her plums, and when I explained I was already plum rich, said I could give some to my lovely neighbours.

The sky was impossibly blue; bees buzzed; birds sang; a teenaged pair of neighbours climbed ladders into the tree and hurled overripe plums like squishy missiles.

My camera battery died. But not before I had oohed and aahed over the other ripening fruit, and taken a few photos.

If I get another chance, I’ll get the fig in focus.


11 thoughts on “Allotted

  1. Such good pics, Isobel. Positively edible! Haven’t had much luck with the fig this year. It’s potted and ants have nested in the base, undermining the roots, I think. Any suggestions for getting rid of them will be gratefully received! 🙂

    • I wonder if Richard and co of mobile gardeners might be able to help.
      All their plants are in containers as they have to move them.
      I lust after the apple in my photo, bit I do not know its owner. Octavia was talking about growing an apple tree. I am strongly in favour. 🙂 my tomatoes are coming on well, but despite lots of healthy leaves, I can’t see a single pepper,

  2. My friend and I got our allotment last November. It was badly neglected and has taken masses of work but it’s beginning to pay off. It’s a lovely but tiring way of spending time. Hope you get yours soon 🙂

    • That’s good Gilly, and nice to have one that you share. The chances of my getting an allotment locally are very slim, but my tomatoes are doing nicely in the garden, and I am quite busy, so maybe it is just as well.

    • Never eaten a fig! Seriously? Oh man have you got a delight in store. Fresh from the tree in Greece, heaven. Ripe next month. Book your flight now. Or start rowing. On 25 Jul 2014 15:03, “IsobelandCat's Blog” wrote:


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