Hydrangea Nights

Two gratuitous pictures of wet hydrangea coming up, though maybe I shall submit this as this week’s photo challenge. After days of warmth, blue skies and sunshine, and sometimes almost unbearable humidity, the skies crackled and then cracked at lunchtime today, releasing a few splashy drops of rain at first, then getting into their stride and summoning thunder, lightning and a real downpour. People ran and dodged in the City streets.

Against my plans, I made a dash for home to secure windows and shutters, grab a proper waterproof, and head back out.

MasterB was unimpressed with my turnaround time; surely I had time to play and cuddle? No, sadly not.

By this evening, things had calmed down, dried out. There is a fresh feel to the air which has been absent for the last week or two.

A friend and I enjoyed dinner in the garden of a Greek restaurant in Bloomsbury. The hydrangeas, still wet from the day’s rain were beside us.




When I was a teenager, I thought hydrangeas were boring. I do not think that now.

8 thoughts on “Hydrangea Nights

  1. I just love these beautiful flowers and always have….funny that I used to think they were desperately “old-fashioned” – maybe because my long-ago memories include my grandmother’s yard full of them….but now that I’m almost her age (!) I adore them…..things make sense now!


  2. I love hydrangeas. They remind me of summers at my Grandad’s house and farm. We don’t have good luck with them on The Tiny Ten. Hibiscus and lilies seem to like our place! Such a beautiful pink!

    • I do not recall why I disliked hydrangeas, although I do associate them with ants’s nests. I have a feeling it was more to do with the people I knew who grew them.

  3. I love summer thunder storms – they are totally wonderful. Also hydrangeas. I didn’t know these plants as a child in the West Indies, but I have come to love them more and more the older I’ve got. Those are a gorgeous pink. I have lots of pink and lots of white, but sadly not much in the blue line – no acid soil alas. I suppose they are an old fashioned plant, but they give so much – months of flowers for so little work. Fab.

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