Allotment Decorations

It seems de rigeur at the allotments to garnish your plot with ornaments you might hesitate to put in your garden.









Quite a few of the ornaments are of animals, and I began by thinking I might do a photographic safari of these. But I was soon distracted by things hanging in trees, pieces of broken china, disembodied hands.






16 thoughts on “Allotment Decorations

    • I have some more photos but am not sure if there will be time to post tonight. Tomorrow I have a quick turnaround after work to get to the airport and fly to Belfast. More from Co Derry soon.

  1. Love this post and the photos; fascinating what is left, and often more interesting than flowers. It’s been a while since I’ve visited a cemetery, but now I’m curious if this is becoming a trend in the U.S. as well. (As for me, I think I’ll go the cremation route; I don’t trust family and friends to not leave anything tacky.)

    • But cremation is not Eco friendly. Burial is best. Just organise and pay for your funeral in advance. I keep meaning to; a green space where you fertilise the soil is my choice. Whether anyone will attend is another matter.
      Maybe if you come this ice of the pond you can see this group of allotments for yourself. There’s a micro brewery next door.

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