A Peach of an Evening

I was, it seems almost to go without saying, back at the allotment this evening. I had been working all day, but had agreed with Octavia that I would take supper round to her house which we could eat in her small walled garden.

I felt impossibly werary when I got home but the GN wanted, and got, attention and play. Before you start swooning at the nobility of my spirit, this is a £10 meal deal weekend at M&S, and the main course came courtesy of their kitchens. As indeed did the hummus for our pre-supper nibbles. And the baby spinach which made up the substantial part of the accompanying salad. The rhubarb cake for pudding was made by my own hand, but so far as know, Octavia did not tread the grapes for the Rioja which we quaffed as we ate.

I am off to NI as soon as I am home from work and have grabbed my bags tomorrow. A whole week at Cousin’s lies before me. My sandwiches are made; I bought my train ticket to Gatwick this evening. My bag is almost packed.

Most of the photos from the allotment and elsewhere from the past few days will have to wait. Maybe one day they will appear on this page.

Kirsty, who has the plot with god offerings, pointed out she has more bits and pieces at the back end of her plot. I went to investigate. She didn’t warn me she had installed mantraps. I evaded them. She has a peach tree. Peaches from this part of London used to be an anticipated delicacy at the tables of the nobility and well off middle classes. If Kirsty could master time travel, she might have a business opportunity.

Kirsty's Peach

Kirsty’s Peach

Back at Octavia’s, the Grey Ninja greeted me. She even told me she wanted to play as I prepared the salad and Octavia showered. Then she streamed up her catwalk and began her patrol of her demesne. She has lived with Octavia for just over a year. It is wonderful to see how she has become Octavia’s cat, how she enjoys her outdoor territory, how she comes to check in periodically. Had she remained with her original owners, she would have been an indoor cat. You only have to watch her for five minutes to see how much she loves being outside.


9 thoughts on “A Peach of an Evening

  1. Thanks for the shout-out to the agrarian past in your neighborhood. Peaches! A fruit I associate with warmer places than south London. What do most people grow in their allotment and are there things that are grown year round?

    Safe travels.

    • Kirsty’s tree is against a south facing wall so gets the best of the sunshine, as do our grapes. Plums are very prevalent this summer, but there is a bit of everything.

  2. Peaches speak of summer to me……peaches and cream – yum. The Grey Ninja certainly has found her nirvana with Octavia. Sounds like a lovely afternoon/evening for all of you.


  3. I am going to read Airport Blues in a minute. Enjoying your new header Isobel. Just hearing you talk about making the salad, watching the Gray Ninja, and having dinner tonight with Octavia made me want to be there. Oh my, I love a peach cobbler with a bit of cream! It’s peach time around here!

  4. Whenever I’m in London, it seems like a different planet – weather wise and in lots of other ways – to where we live, so I’m not surprised that you have peaches growing against a south facing wall! Lovely.

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