There’s a new dog on the block. Small, black and white, muscular and macho. A typical Jack Russell.

He belongs to Cousin’s son and his wife. They are living next door while they build a home up the road on a family field.

Pip was whining outside my bedroom door this morning. It was well beyond first light. Cousin might have thought I had done a body swap with Rip Van Winkle. I surfaced briefly to answer a call from Lovely Neighbour who could not locate the cat litter.

MasterB gave her a hard time last night when she refused to let him out at eleven o’clock. I don’t think she’s been on the receiving end of one of his vocal protests before. I think it made an impression.

Anyway, back to Pip. I assumed it was Westie Boy and opened my door. WB gave me a big welcome last night so I thought he might be after a morning game.

So I am not sure which of us was the more surprised. Pip has been rescued, and although he is still very young, he has evidently got some issues. Small Dog Syndrome being the most obvious. We were getting on nicely until I stood up. Suddenly I was too tall. Pip turned from happy chappie to sideways-looking-white-of-eye-showing-rumble-in-the-throat boy.

Fortunately, later we had a bonding session in the garden playing with his ball, and this evening, I suddenly found him sitting happily beside me as though we were established friends.

Don’t worry that WB was ignored. He sometimes finds his new friend rather over-assertive and controlling. So there were two ball games going on and I was involved in both of them.



5 thoughts on “Pip

  1. Well hello to Pip! Name fits him, I think.. 🙂 Nice for WB to have another dog to romp and tussle with, at least until WB has had enough of Pip. So MasterB is the keeper of the house, great that Lovely Neighbor is cat sitting and he can be a happy cat at home. I had forgotten that the cattery had been sold, right? Sounds like you are having a good time. Love the second picture with WB in the background!

    • Short for Pipsqueak. It does suit him. Both dogs paid a pre breakfast call to me and wrestled on my bed while I tried to reply to Lovely Neighbour who had sent an update about MasterB. All is well there.
      The Cattery is for sale, but not, so far as I know, sold yet. But it is school holiday time, and as this was a fairly late decision to come to NI now, there were no vacancies there. I shall miss my Lovely Neighbours very much!

  2. WB and Pip are adorable….and both love to play ball – that photo of Pip is grand with him balanced on the small blue ball. Sounds like MasterB is trying to put Lovely Neighbour under his spell with little success….at least when it comes to late night prowls!


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