Meeting My Virtual Friend

Home tomorrow, and enjoying my last hours in NI for the time being. Well mostly enjoying, but Westie Boy has been asleep beside me and passing extraordinarily smelly wind. Time for a change of diet I think. The cats have slept most of the day having feasted on most of a roast chicken. Fido looked like he could barely lift himself from the cushion, though he did manage to haul himself onto my lap when I got home from Belfast and sat out in the garden for a while.





There was both amusement and bemusement that I had been to meet a virtual friend in Belfast today. Cousin’s son was concerned she might have been a weirdo, and thought it strange I should go to meet someone I knew nothing about.

But I did know about her. The thing about this blogging business is you get to know a great deal about the minutiae of people’s lives. From the name of the family dog, to the colour of the sitting room carpet, all these details all add up.

I suppose someone could set up a alias and post pictures of dogs and rooms that had nothing to do with them, creating a whole false world, but I don’t see how that could endanger another person meeting them and eating sandwiches in the sunshine on a bench outside City Hall.

I recognised her by her hair. Like me, she was wearing dark glasses. Unlike me, she has posted pictures of herself online, so I knew what she looked like. Or thought I did. In most of her pictures she is smiling; her eyes creased into narrow slits, so the biggest surprise when she removed her dark glasses was that she has large brown eyes.

The time passed in a flash. We talked. We sat. We drank. We ate. To be fair, I did most of the talking, but as I explained, I had been fairly quiet yesterday, and talking is almost a competitive sport in my family.
Thanks Fiona. It was great. See you in London.

15 thoughts on “Meeting My Virtual Friend

  1. I love that I have so many ‘friends’. When I tell folks about my blogging life they are amazed when I refer to all my visitors as ‘friends’ but that’s what they are & one of the reasons we blog!

  2. Well I am up at 4 in the morning, actually earlier.. crazy! Maybe the cats aren’t so stinky? Sounds like a nice meet up. When I tell family about my blog friends.. I don’t think they get it. But when I meet one and bring pictures for them to see, I think they realize how special they are to me. And to CH too! MasterB is going to be happy to see you!

    • The cats are discouraged from coming indoors, and as Pip can be rough with them, they seem happier to be out, so we don’t know quite how bad they smell. MasterB can still make my eyes water despite his good diet, though it is a lot less offensive than when he was on the cheaper food.
      When I started blogging I did not anticipate meeting fellow bloggers in the flesh, but it has seemed the natural thing to do with the three people I have met.

  3. Glad you got to meet a virtual friend in person……I’ve had that pleasure a couple of times – it’s always fun and getting to know someone outside their “words” is usually quite interesting. I bet MasterB will be quite pleased to have you home…..and I know you’ll have a lot of great photos and memories of this trip to share with him!


    • Yes, I think Fiona is the third blogger I have met in the flesh. It’s funny how you feel you know them before you meet.
      MasterB is pleased to see me and has made great strides in his relationship with the Lovely Neighbours. He had a few moments in the night when he thought a cuddle would be nice.mi am quite tired as a result!
      Photos etc soon.

  4. I’m meeting a couple of blogging friends later this summer. And I do feel like I know them. Glad you had a good time and poor Westie Boy. I hope the change of diet helps. Miles is a stink pot, that’s for sure.

    • I owe you an email. If you are around in a few weeks Celia and I shall probably be going blackberrying. Are you and TBH game?
      Not sure about poor Westie Boy. He didn’t seem in the slightest bit worried about the foul smells he was releasing.

    • Not at all! Really looking forward to meeting you again. I am seriously thinking about JH’s spring bash. Though I may be back in Feb. Keep your eyes peeled for those readings.

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