Welcome Home

Back two days but I have only just downloaded my pictures. I’ll have a good look through them soon. It is hot and sunny still in London, and the idea that we lit a fire in the sitting room at Cousin’s on Monday night seems somewhat unreal.

MasterB was pleased to see me, but not ecstatic. He has been well looked after by the Lovely Neighbours, who have confirmed that they are, alas, definitely moving next month. They were having doubts, but then saw a sweet flat with a garden where they will be allowed to have a cat, and the deal was done in less than twenty-four hours.

With Toy

With Toy

MasterB will miss them and so shall I, although B has promised to come and stay in my flat when I am away in Greece in October so that MasterB does not have to go to the new cattery. Although he didn’t jump for joy when he saw me, the Ginger Ninja has been my shadow since I have been home. He has forsaken his post breakfast snooze to be with me, and my sleep has been disturbed by him chewing my pyjamas, lying across me and waking me for a cuddle. Naturally my bag came in for much detailed scrutiny, especially as Westie Boy had been snuffling round it, and quite possibly in it, on Monday evening. But WB’s smell must now be familiar, so I would guess my boy has a fair idea of where I have been and who I have seen, even though he has never met them in the fur.


12 thoughts on “Welcome Home

    • He was happy and affectionate with the Lovely Neighbours. I suspect it was rather like when I adopted him. Had I not returned, he would have transferred his affections completely to them. I wonder how he would react if the students who gave him to me turned up.

    • Yes indeed.
      I haven’t been to Greece for several yaers now. The weather can be unsettled in October, but it is a walking break, so i don’t want to go earier when the sun will be hot.

  1. It must be so lovely to have some a warm welcome. Returning from a break is always tricky so itis made easier with friends & companionship ready at home.

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