Internet Friends – Sal of Greece

I have made friends via blogging, and met at least four people due to this site, but this year Celia’s cousin has decided to become part of the blogosphere.

I have got to know her here in London, but she lives in Greece. Setting up her blog has been a trial and I know she is still having problems.

She’ll be in the UK next month, and maybe we’ll be gathered around a laptop experimenting. And I hope she is around for the poetry group. We met at the TS Eliot prize readings back in 2013. I had a bad cough and Sally saved me from a lynching by some of the audience by giving me a Werther’s Original.

That started an addiction that I had to wean myself off after three months. We both think the Shard is our building; I am willing to share so long as no one builds anything that stops me seeing it from my home.

But how gorgeous tonight to click on her page and see some of her paintings.

Celia has a wonderful one by her, a cityscape, but I am not sure I don’t prefer her studies of a pomegranate tree.

Do pop over and give her a welcome, it can be a lonely time when you put up your first posts, and quite selfishly I want her to continue so I can keep seeing her art.


15 thoughts on “Internet Friends – Sal of Greece

  1. I love Sal’s paintings – and enjoyed reading her posts. I wanted to leave a comment to that effect, but sadly couldn’t find a way of doing that. Please pass on my enjoyment of her pomegranates and Grandma’s jug! I shall look forward to seeing more paintings!

    • I wonder why the comment option I showing for some of us and not others. I know Sally has posted a question on the community forum page asking for help, maybe when/if she reads the comments here she can ask why that should be.
      I rather like the interface language being in Greek, it reminds me what an international community we are.

    • Isn’t it? I am wondering f she will sell some of it via her site when she gets it sorted. I don’t have room on my walls, but maybe I could manage some cards.

  2. Hello Isobel… I clicked over to Sally’s blog. Lovely. I left a comment but was a bit befuddled trying to navigate the theme. I think I tried that theme out before selecting the one I am using now. It is difficult to get a blog up and running.. I remember!

  3. What a lovely memory of your hacking cough! You made a wonderful contribution to the large stack of memories I have of my time in London. Aren’t we lucky that we have the wonderful Celia in our lives? I’m sorry that my blog leaves no place for comments. I shall try to rectify this without tears!

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