Cheap Flights

My one misgiving about posting this is that it might cause a stampede for tickets for the forthcoming Fascinating Aida tour and we haven’t got ours yet. Celia, are you interested? January at the QEH, I think. Octavia will book.

It’s a while since I’ve heard anything of Fascinating Aida; so it was treat when, during a pause between our main and our pud and we were discussing the horrors of a certain airline (which if you are the other side of the pond you have probably been spared), Octavia asked me if I knew it. I didn’t. She fetched her iPad.

I have flown the airline they are singing about once. No, twice; I bought a return ticket. Never again. Nightmare. Cousin told me that the parents of one of her son-in-laws use it regularly to travel to and from their pad in Spain, and have bought the airline’s own luggage to make sure they aren’t fined for any infringement of the baggage regulations.

BTW, if you want some more FA, just click here.

12 thoughts on “Cheap Flights

  1. I flew with them in 2000 to Dublin and they were great. I flew again in 2009 from Pisa to the UK; they were horrendous! Two hours in a huge queue to check in hold luggage. I’d avoid them if humanly possible – and gag Michael O’Leary. How much has he damaged his brand by his money grabbing?

    • Mine was between London and Venice. I think he ditched customer service very early on. Octavia thinks he wants to win us back. If she’s right, he’s a lot of work to do.

  2. Back in the ‘Golden Age’ of cheap flights I flew to Italy for £5 and back for £5, 2009 I think. The flight was ‘free’ and the £10 for taxes. Since then I’ve been a couple of times and it’s been a lot more expensive but still comparatively cheaper. The secret is to read that tedious small print and have zero expectations, but I wouldn’t use them for anything special!

    • I think my flight just have been about then too, certainly no later than 2010. But it certainly wasn’t a golden age. The booking process was tortuous. There was no other airline offering a flight that matched my dates. Never again.
      But more importantly, did you enjoy the song?

  3. The video is a hoot! I would love to have lunch with the shorter haired blond lady! No comments from me about flying Isobel, I think you know where I stand on flying.. and it’s not in line to get on a plane!

  4. I love that song, and FA are brilliant! Extremely appreciated in this house as that is the ONLY airline that flies from our local airport to where my family are in the UK, so I use them all the time. They are cheap, they are uncomfortable and their staff are unfeeling, and – market pressures being what they are – they have brought a lot of other airlines down to their own level, but they have marginally improved over the years as far as schedules go – at least they are no long ALWAYS late. I just don’t think about it and board…

      • Yes, I already knew the song – I think it (and they) are wonderful! Thanks re the boat/train. I also knew of that – a friend used to catch the bus up this end of the country, journey to Dublin, cross on the boat and then continue on the bus to London. All for – as you say – about €38. But it did take quite a long time. I’ll stick with the Cheap Flights for the time being anyway!

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