The Evening Before the Morning After

I was standing in a stiff breeze, bare armed, trying to get a good enough signal to upload some pictures of last night. It wasn’t working, which I don’t understand as if had the full five dots showing. But there’s no reasoning with an Internet connection that doesn’t do as you ask. I shall be home tomorrow, so they will have to wait until then.

Today has been bright and sunny. What a contrast with yesterday’s rain in London. A sunny breakfast followed by some sunny cleaning, then a sunny drive over to Aunt’s to take her to the pub we had decided on. More sunshine, so we sat outside in it. Pictures, and I have a few, show blue skies and bright flowers. They don’t show the farm smells that wafted over us, or the chat of the builders nearby. But we had no complaints. We sat on after we had finished our meal, watching people and chatting.

Back at Aunt’s flat, I transferred the photos from my snazzy little Olympus onto her Samsung tablet. Like magic, she said. I had one photo of her on my phone, so a quick email, and that was in her gallery too. I added a couple of MasterB for good measure.

I think we have finally cleared the hurdle of her wanting to print out pictures; she enjoys looking through them on her tablet so much.
I left her and came back to das Boot via the organic farm shop and some blackberry bushes.

There was one more window frame to scrub. Also the vinyl covering on the walls of the aft cabin has started to come adrift in a fairly serious way. The backing seems to have perished, and it is shedding horrible grey dust all over my bed. Yuk. So i know what my next expense will be.

I washed the starboard side of the boat before my wrist declared ‘enough’, so although das Boot is now filthy on the port side, from the path she looks pretty good. I no longer fear her winning the prize for the dirtiest boat at the marina.

Now I am less than fragrant. The shower block (actually an old Portacabin) is being spruced up. It is being painted white, and yesterday the shower was hors de combat. Fortunately tonight it is coming back into commission, and not a moment too soon. Apparently there is too be insulation as well, so that for the first time since I have been here, using it in winter will not be a race against hypothermia once you’ve turned the water off.

8 thoughts on “The Evening Before the Morning After

    • I feel so much better now the boat has had some attention. In an ideal world, I would clean it properly every time I come here. That might make it easier too! I think you will enjoy the picture of Aunt outside the pub. 🙂

  1. I can see that I will have to do rather more reading of your blog if I am to discover where Das Boot is! So much catching up to do. Incidentally, my son, who is a great deal techier than me, tells me that you can have five bars but if you have an E or a G next to it, then you probably won’t be able to upload your pictures.

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