String is a Very Exciting Thing

String Fever

String Fever

I shall catch up with the Missing Photos soon, and I have several contenders for Fray, but MasterB’s love of string is just too good not to share.

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His inner kitten is showing.


21 thoughts on “String is a Very Exciting Thing

        • I can quite imagine MasterB’s like of routine.
          Routine is probably a more appropriate term than organized for Timmy as well. Anything that is out of routine or out of place causes his ears to flip back momentarily, and if cats can frown, then he certainly frowns. And then he needs to investigate until he is satisfied that it may just be part of a new routine.

    • I love it when he gets so into a game. The string is made up from loops culled from price and size labels. He seems to like the different textures. I like the one where he has his two back feet fairly firmly positioned, but the front half of his body is moving in a different direction. A happy boy.

    • Yup. String remains high on his list of favourite toys. I have ones of different lengths and textures round the arm of the chair as an activity centre for him. I think he’d love a beaded curtain…

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