Close up, it’s beautiful; a work of art.
Almost a sculpture.

And the work of the Ginger Ninja, who has tirelessly transformed a humble basket, bought over twenty years ago at Boston’s Faneuil Hall, into a scratching post.
It is still recognisably a basket, but probablyt not for much longer.
This week’s photo challenge is Fray.
But hurry, there’ll be a new one later today.


9 thoughts on “Fray

    • The thick bit you can see in the second picture was detached by himself earlier today. At some point the top half is going to come away. Maybe I should empty it and turn it upside down. It is only being used to store shopping bags.

  1. A notable contribution to the theory of feline aesthetics; perhaps something to donate to the Museum of Non-Primate Art.

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