The End of the Festival



Summer has made a welcome return and I spent the afternoon at the Southbank enjoying the last hours of this year’s festival: The Festival of Love.

It had all the hallmarks of previous festivals: bucketfuls of imagination; infectious humour; accessibility no matter what your age or backgroundand; boundless joy.

Our Hearts

Our Hearts

I had never seen an inflatable church before. It was doing a brisk trade in weddings, and staff were on hand to help out with appropriate clothes and props.

Blow Up Church

Blow Up Church

 Helpful Staff

Helpful Staff

Couples danced in the sunshine.


Children played on the slides.

Family Fun

Family Fun

This arch led to the riverside.



Would you like to see more? Maybe later in the week.

As I stood watching and enjoying, a young couple came to stand beside me. The woman took a photograph. She turned towards me and smiled, “I love the Southbank.’

Yep, me too.


14 thoughts on “The End of the Festival

      • Up the Bakerloo line at Kensal Green (though I lived in Camberwell for years). Just a bit disappointed with Medea, though suspect I was the only one in the audience who felt that way. Such good reviews and such high expectations…. never a great combination! Very, very good production and acting, I just wasn’t absorbed enough by it I think.

        • So you were just down the road!

          I saw production of Medea at the Union Theatre several years ago; tough subject matter. Maybe one has to be less absorbed for self-protection.

  1. I wish I’d gone to see it; someone at work mentioned the museum of broken relationships which must have been a part of it. She said it was utterly absorbing.
    Note to self: next year go early in the summer.

    • Damn, I didn’t see the Museum of Broken Relationships! I have been quite a few times. Celia and I went to a poetry evening, and I love to spend time hanging out at the Southbank.
      I wonder what next year’s festival theme will be.

    • It’s great how it inspires such affection. A huge range of people go there to enjoy it. As an arts centre, it must have one of the widest demographics. A very inclusive venue.

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