Break Away

Paw Action

Paw Action

So this is the plan: get up and have breakfast; shower, dress and head for the bank to pay my overdue credit card bill. Put bags (clothes, food) into car. Allow coffee to work its way through my system. Head east. Stay overnight on das Boot.

The warm weather has returned. But we have had our warning. These days are numbered. Aunt tells me it will stay mild until November. I do hope she’s right. If she is, I should be able to get to see her a few more times before winter closes in. She accepts I may not see her this time as it will be a twenty-four hour visit where I hope to make das Boot a bit more presentable.



She is quite tickled by her internet fame, and thanks people for their good wishes.

The pub I have in mind for our our next outing was my father’s favourite. It turns out Aunt was never there, but she recalls Mother speaking about it warmly. The only problem is that it is years since I was there, and I haven’t a clue of the directions. We may have a longer drive through the countryside than usual.

MasterB will stay home with the Lovely Neighbours looking after him. They move next week.



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