Home Again

My Keens are drying in the bathroom. The washing machine was loaded as I unpacked. I had dropped my trousers into the marina and Older Nephew had to grab the landing net and pass it to me before they sank beneath the weed.

I have never seen such a weedy marina. It is like a mini rain forest around das Boot. Getting buckets of water out of it sans weed was more than tricky. Actually getting buckets of water out of it was tricky as the bucket handle snapped off after the second dunking. After that I had to lower the handleless bucket in the landing net to get some water to swish das Boot’s front cover as I cleaned the green algae from it.

The results were better than I had expected and motivate me to do the back cover next time. Older Nephew turned up, having just flown back from Brussels, as I sat cross-legged on the foredeck in my waterproof trousers, scrubbing away at the non-slip stuff which was/is full of gunk.

His arrival seemed a good moment to put away the scrubbing brush and have a shower.

It was as I carried my clean clothes and prepared to step off the boat that I dropped my trousers into the water. I still had a horrible pair of trousers I usually keep for boat cleaning, so I came home in those.

Once I was clean, we pushed back the front third of the boat canopy and had lunch in the sunshine. The Labradors returned from their first trip, apparently having enjoyed a swim. Das Boot’s engine declined to start despite having fired straight off yesterday, so we attached the charger and Older Nephew will check it tomorrow.

I drove back to London in a happy mood and was greeted by MasterB as I opened the door.

Just twenty-four hours away, but such a perfect time. Pictures to follow.


3 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Very well written. I really liked this post . Hope to read a lot more posts in the future 🙂

    I just started my blog. I would really appreciate if you could spare some time, visit it and give me your valuable feedback 🙂

    • I am becoming a fan of the short break. I used to like three or more weeks away once a year, but increasingly find I am refreshed after just a few days, and so prefer to do that more often. Of course das Boot s perfect for such escapes. Coming home to MasterB is lovely.m next time he’ll come with me as the Lovely Neighbours moved today. Sad to come home to see the spaces where their plants were. 😦

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