Love in the Car Park

MasterB has a new admirer. She’s younger than he is, less than a year old I believe, and actually I don’t know if she is a she, was a she or anything about her. Or possibly him. I’ll call her Sayers for the moment; that should work whatever gender s/he turns out to be. And she is very light. She lives in the nearby fried chicken joint; a place to avoid at all costs. I am guessing she was acquired to deal with their mice and rat problem.

She started hanging out in the furthest corner of our garden, and made me jump out of my skin one evening when I went there to fill the watering can. Having decided I am not a threat, I generally get a friendly greeting and a head rub.

Hello There

Hello There

MasterB seemed unaware of her existence, though I imagine she must have left her scent about the place.

The other night I was woken by a strange sound coming from the garden. I opened the shutter slats, and MasterB and I both looked out at a fox, sniffing the shrubs, and seeming very intent on something. Suddenly, a grey streak rushed spitting and growling from a bush. The fox backed off. The grey streak retreated. This happened a couple more times, then the fox, apparently bored with the whole episode, trotted out of the garden.

MasterB and I exchanged looks and went back to sleep.

Tonight when I went to fill the watering can she came to say hello. MasterB was indoors. A short time later, he asked to come out, but seemed unaccountably jumpy about walking straight into the garden. I had my camera as the evening light was perfect and I have taken very few outdoor shots of the boy this year.

Anyway, after a bit he conquered his fears, and strolled about. He seemed rather on the alert, but not unhappy.



When he rounded the corner to the far end of the garden where I knew Sayers was likely to be, I waited. Nothing. No yowls, no sudden rush of cat. I followed him. He was sniffing at a plant, giving it a thorough check while Sayers watched him from a flowerbed. MasterB quite clearly had no idea she was there. Until. He turned and found her eyeballing him. Cue one very anxious MasterB, quite undecided as to what to do. After a few moments where he looked both embarrassed and uncomfortable, she made a move towards him. He walked quickly back into the main part of the garden. She followed.

I have left them to it to decide quite what their relationship will be, but at the very least there seems no aggression involved.

And I think I may have captured their first kiss.

I'm Coming To Get You

I’m Coming To Get You

No Funny Business

No Funny Business

Pucker Up

Pucker Up



Not Bad For Starters

Not Bad For Starters


17 thoughts on “Love in the Car Park

  1. Sweet! MasterB does look like he’s a bit unsure…..better that he’s on the alert than so relaxed he’s not ready for a possible attack though….how wonderful that didn’t happen and their first meeting was sweet instead……a first kiss…..romance in bloom….I love it!


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