Little Miss Sayers and Sal of Greece

I have been mulling over the day, as you do. Some highs, some middles, no real lows. So, a good day. Mind, I have been a tad tired; yesterday MasterB had very little time outside, so during the night he was rather full on. You can be sure he is outside tonight.

No sign of Little Miss Sayers. Something very strange happened last night. Two people from the now notorious chcken shop approached some of my neighbours to say their cat was missing. They claimed they had seen a couple, a white couple, carrying her away on Tuesday night. Then they started to ask lots of questions about our block of flats, questions that made my neighbours uneasy.

They sent a message round to the rest of us. But I saw Little Miss Sayers yesterday morning, so this couple walking off with the cat didn’t add up. Mind I haven’t seen her since. Apparently others have. I spent the day hoping nothing bad had happened to her. I should still like to see her. MasterB would probably be happy if she never appeared again.

Early this evening I met up with Sal of Greece. She has been struggling with her new blog. I was able to shpw her that she had a number of comments she hadn’t seen. We played about with her page, changed her theme, sorted her header and she has gone away with the intention of playing.

Keep your fingers crossed that she publishes a new post soon.


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