Well Off? Moi? Yes, I Suppose I am

Shall I get back to das Boot this month? I don’t know. It isn’t looking likely, but an overnight stay would be great. I am extraordinarily lucky to have this bolthole.

I don’t live in the most glamorous or wealthy part of London. In fact some near neighbours are evidently living in great poverty. One woman I see most days tripping up and down my street. She is probably no older than I am, but there is something about her that makes it hard to imagine she was ever young. One winter, I noticed she was wearing unsuitable sparkly sandals. It dawned on me that those were the only shoes she owned.

I don’t consider myself well off, and I think my accountant, which sounds very grand but is a necessary expense when you are self-employed and struggle with tax forms, would laugh himself to death if you suggested I were. But compared to that woman, I might as well be Victoria Beckham. Education, expectation, have riven a gap between our lives as graet as the Grand Canyon.

Should she turn around to me and say she had spent time away anywhere, be it tent, B&B or hotel, I should be amazed. If she said she owned a boat or a caravan, my jaw would probably hit the floor.

Well-offness is relative; George Osborne would doubtless consider me a pauper; but in many ways I am well off, and believe me, I’m grateful.


8 thoughts on “Well Off? Moi? Yes, I Suppose I am

  1. Good Evening Isobel! I am suppose to be taking a break from the internet and blog stuff but I am not being very good at it. I read this and just had to let you know I was reading. I think I may just take a break from posting on my blog and get back to commenting. I miss you and everybody else! This just hit home with a little incident that happened with CH and I this past weekend. We are grateful too. You know how country living is, I am thinking it is the same in the country where you are. Everybody lives at different levels of well off and we met a lady that lives down the road from us that told us what is going on with her and it broke our hearts. We know there are very poor people that live up and down our country road but we didn’t really know until we met her. Made us sit back and think… and more.

    Enjoying the nautical collage! Cleaning the green cover sounded like some work!

    • Lovely to see you. As comments were closed on your post, I couldn’t reply. But it made me think and wonder if I could take a month off. I don’t think I could, as I would be checking emails etc for work. Still, maybe a blog break…

      I would still not classify myself as well off, but the wolf is not at the door, and years of witnessing my parents watch every penny has instilled a certain frugality, However, that is a long way from the poverty of this woman’s life. And I have riches conferred by education. Literature, free at the library, is my oyster.
      So many people have hard lives in lands of plenty.

      • True Isobel.
        I switched themes a couple of days ago and I love it BUT you have to click on the post title to get to comments. I did close comments for the last post because I hated having people to have to comment.. 😀 Geez I just wanted to ask you or tell you that to comment on the new theme you have to click on the post title. It’s confusing maybe???

  2. Isobel we feel much the same as you…..we also count the fact that we’re happy, relatively healthy for our age, able to take vacations, and have the time to enjoy our lives as a bonus……it’s just not about the money or how well off we are – it’s more about what we do with the time that we have. Nice to see the photos of das Boot!

    Hugs, Pam

    • Yes. I do have to think twice about buying things; most days are a balance of frugality and deferred gratification, but I have everything I need.
      I didn’t grow up in a monied home, so in many ways I am far better off than my parents. Or perhaps I just feel better off. For most of her life, Mother was worried about the wolf coming through the door and taking everything she and Dad had worked for.

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