Playing It Almost Cool

I’ll come back to Devious Dave later, but time for a quick update on how MasterB is getting on with his rather forward new acquaintance.

I have learned that her name is Cookie. She loves everyone, and people are falling in love with her left, right and centre. She also loves our garden which means MasterB is seeing a lot of her.

Forgive the quality of the video. Most of it is down to lack of technical skill and shaky hands, but i-Movie is not speaking to YouTube, so I can’t upload an edited version at present. If anyone can tell me why I persistently get a message when I try saying my username and password combination is wrong, please do. And it’s not the obvious answer; I can log in with both to YouTube without any problem.

MasterB no longer looks unnerved when they meet. In fact, I think he looks for her, and has even called for her on one occasion, mewing until she appeared. They do a lot of sitting in close proximity, and play chasing games. Cookie is usually the one who starts these. I think she has a lower boredom threshold than MasterB who will sit gazing hopefully at a bird on the roof for longer than Cookie thinks reasonable. She wanders away and does her own thing, then comes back and pounces on him.

Being bolder than MasterB, she has taken on the rôle of meeting and greeting visitors to the garden, much as Cat once did. I tried reading the paper yesterday evening outside, and she came and sat on me.

I am a bit worried about what will happen to her once winter comes. She obviously enjoys the space and the company here, but we shall not be outside so often. With luck, she’ll spend more time with her owners in her own home.

14 thoughts on “Playing It Almost Cool

  1. They are SO cute! MasterB looks like he’s just not quite sure WHAT to make of Cookie but Cookie is most certainly full of herself……I hope they can become friends – She’s got pretty coloring too but MasterB is beyond “pretty” – he’s simply gorgeous!


    • They are outside together now. She is tiny, but amazingly confident. She is definitely the dominant one in this friendship. I wish she had been around when I first got MasterB. I think they would have had a ball.

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