RIP My Ninety-One Year Old Pin Up

Just a few brief words from me tonight.

Celia and I went to the Forward Prize Poetry event at the Southbank. Dannie Abse, who I fell for like a ton of bricks at the start of the year at the TS Eliot Prize event, was one of the judges.

Dannie died on Sunday.

Susannah Herbert wrote one of his obits. Cerys Matthews paid tribute to him tonight and read two poems he read himself at the TS Eliot event. Listen to him here . And what a great tribute from Ian Mc Millan.

Just look at the photo. It’s the same one we saw projected on the back of the stage tonight.

What a lovely, intelligent, humourous, gifted man. How lucky are we to live in a world enriched by him.

Rest in Peace Dannie Abse. I hope you are reunited with those you loved who died before you. And thank-you.

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