Planning the Calendar

I have been slaving over the laptop; whittling the number of pictures down to a manageable figure for next year’s Ginger Ninja calendar.

I should dearly like to get it printed by the end of October.

Without giving the whole game away, the photos on the long list are these.

There is one more of him in the playcube that I might include, P1170512but if you have particularly strong views about the ones you think should or shouldn’t feature, do let me know in a comment below.



13 thoughts on “Planning the Calendar

  1. Wow that’ s difficult but I’d certainly include the one on the wall, one with cushion and toy, the play cube with fish, asleep in the basket, lying down in the grass, the close-up asleep…… what a lot of good photos. He’s just so photogenic.

    • Not sure which one you mean by cushion and toy.mis it the mouse with the Father Christmas hat?
      Yes he is marvellously photogenic, and, as you know, very handsome to start with!

  2. What about one of the ones with his new food disperser? You haven’t included any of those; don’t you like them as much?

  3. An impossible task to whittle down these photo candidates! Perhaps in addition to the large monthly photo you could include some of the others as little photos scattered here and there. They are all absolutely “calendar-worthy” – your boy is just so terribly photogenic.


  4. They are wonderful and do be sure to include the last one with the fish — dynamite! Otherwise, all of them, with the possible exception of the ones where his face is obscured by shadow. I do like the shadowy one with him under the throw-rug, tho. Thanks for this — a real treat.

  5. Isobel they really are all great photos. Any you would choose would make a most excellent and fun calendar. Love the one of him peeking out under the blue rug, on the bench, and on the wall. Just appreciate you sharing MasterB with us and doing the calendar!

    • If I get it done early enough I should be able to send a copy to you from here. That I assuming you want one of course. I shall find out how much it costs and let you know.

  6. I’ve “liked” the ones I love. Have you come across to manipulate and create photo collages with text etc? You can use their templates or just play around with things yourself. Check it out.

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