Celia is considering a new online name, though for the life of me I can’t recall what she was suggesting when I saw her two days ago at a fabulous lecture at the Museum of London on the finds by the Walbrook. If it ends up being Pompeii, we’ll know the lecture had quite an impact.

I don’t think it had anything to do with allotments, but last week she was very keen I should photograph the nasturtiums growing at the back of Octavia’s plot.

It’s only looking at the photos that it strikes me how the predominant colour is orange. My own nasturtiums have been predominantly yellow. Why is that? I have grown them beside the tomatoes and peppers to distract the aphids, and some stems are covered in black fly.

I first grew nasturtiums seven floors up. Aphids weren’t a problem. Are they afraid of heights? Anyway, that summer I ate a lot of nasturtiums. The flowers have a delicate flavour, but if you can be patient and wait for them to form a seed, they are yummy; a peppery flavour that made me turn my back on capers.

Naturally, I didn’t only photograph nasturtiums, but it’s late; I need to fetch MasterB indoors, fend off Cookie’s attempts to turn the flat into a ménage à trois, and get to bed. By the way, have you been loving the programmes about cat watching on the BBC as I have? I have learned so much.


9 thoughts on “Nasturtiums

  1. how lovely! have always enjoyed them, yet somehow never had any in my own garden. they seem to thrive in the sun, though, and most of my flowers grow while facing north, so they wouldn’t do very well there. thanks for sharing these brilliant colours. orange indeed! not sure why yellow would dominate at your place.

    • The crate is a compost heap. Cookie bounced through the door this evening from the street when I came in from letting MasterB out. There was no way she was going out of her own accord, so I ended up carrying her upstairs, not letting her down though she would dearly have liked to explore, getting some biscuits, carrying her back outside and feeding her.
      I think she is telling her owners she wants to live somewhere with a garden.

  2. Love these flowers. I used to have a wonderful display until a horde of caterpillars wiped them out. A recent packet of seeds from Lidl produced some shrivelled specimens without blooms. I don’t think the seeds were to blame-the soil was favored by cats in the recent past!

    • I am near your part of the world Sally, though probably not near enough to meet up alas.
      The nasturtiums in our garden are mainly from a few seed I planed last year. Some spread naturally, others I encouraged. You couldn’t be tempted to paint some could you?

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