Walking, Swimming,and Resident Animals

I was wrong about the cat. No, let me rephrase that. I was right that there is a cat. I was wrong in thinking she was the only one. So far I think I have seen six different cats, and heard a major row between two of them about half an hour ago.

The cats laze in sunny spots. One has taken possession of the shop. He looks the healthiest, so I imagine he gets more than his fair share of treats from visitors.

There are also dogs. I have met three. They like to accompany people down the steps to the beach. I presume they swim with the guests too as their coats are salty. Original sea dogs.

I don’t know if I mentioned the beach. Actually I should make that beaches as I understand there are two close by, but so far I have only been to one of them.

We had a short walk today and were back at the hotel by early afternoon. I fancied a snooze, but the cleaners had not made it to my room. So after eating a sandwich and sharing the crumbs with a cheeky sparrow who came to join me on the balcony; logging onto the Internet, which was swift and painless, unlike last night’s experience, and reading some messages, I decided to find the beach.

It wasn’t difficult. Just cross the road in front of the hotel complex, follow the signs down the steps et voilà. Just the sight of it had me heading back for my swimsuit and a towel.

I imagine this beach is crammed in high season, but we are the last of this year’s visitors. The hotel closes at the end of the month until mid-March. So everything has a relaxed, winding down vibe. The sea wasn’t as warm as I had expected but once in up to knee my teeth stopped chattering and I just wished I had packed my snorkel.

Yesterday when we arrived, travel weary and just tired, a slow stream of people with wet hair, damp towels round them, passed by as we waited for our room keys. Today we joined their number.

Dinner is out tonight at Áyios Nikólaos. We travel by taxi. I am hoping it will not be a late night. I could quite happily go to sleep right now.


9 thoughts on “Walking, Swimming,and Resident Animals

      • They allow women in to the monastery now? Prince Charles went there once. Sithonia was lovely when we went – natural beaches, few facilities, if any. But that was a long long time ago. 🙂
        Look forward to pics from your boat trip!

        • No, we have to view it from the boat. Only men can land.
          Charles likes his Greek monasteries doesn’t he. I think he’s been to the one on Tinos too.

    • The ones at the hotel seem pretty healthy and well cared for. The same cannot be said for the others I’ve seen. Greeks don’t, on the whole, like cats much, but in recent years they seem to have understood their appeal for tourists.

  1. I’m afraid it’s not only cats they are not good with. They seem to see animals in a different way. I shall take a break from planting my winter vegetables and have a swim too tomorrow. The weather is just too good to miss. Did you see my ‘Olives’ blog? I tried using publisher to make the pages but they come out rather small on the blog and you have to click on them to see them properly. I SHALL GET THERE IN THE END!!

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