Scavenging Ducks and Blue Skies

I think this will be a draft. The Internet is failing again; presumably too many people are trying to use their rationed time just now. Last night I woke up coughing at two and scheduled my photos. Tonight I hope to sleep through.

Another walk today. Not over demanding, and to be frank, not over interesting either. It started well at a harbour and a short boat trip to a very plush marina with some seriously expensive boats. Some had kitsch written all over them.



But as a walk, it never really took off. We went up, we came down, we went up again. There were some good views. Not a walk I should choose to do again. But the weather is perfect. I have been in Greece at this time of year before and got soaked; shivered in fleeces in the evenings. But the sun is shining in the day and skies are gloriously blue once the sun has burned the cloud away. Pretty damn perfect.

At the end of our walk we had a late lunch at a taverna by the water. The usual scavenging cats and dogs were there. Last night one cat correctly identified me as a sympathiser without checking which menu I would be having. She cried for a share in my plate. But somehow fried aubergines and mushrooms don’t seem probable cat fare. In the end I sneaked a chunk of meat off the platter in the middle of the table and gave it to her. I had drawn attention to myself early in proceedings by knocking over a newly poured glass of red wine. Its trajectory was impressive. Our table had to be completely relaid.

Lunch today was a quieter affair. A short legged black dog hummed around the tables while a larger dog slept soundly, occasionally flicking an ear or raising his sandy head for a few moments.

It was the ducks who surprised me. I have never seen ducks scavenging alongside cats and dogs in Greece before. St James’ Park, yes. A waterside Hellenic taverna, no.





12 thoughts on “Scavenging Ducks and Blue Skies

    • Yes, I was very lucky indeed. It was raining there the day before our arrival. And today I have my washing out on the line, blowing in the stiffish London breeze.

    • It reached 28c on Friday, and yesterday, drinking a cup of coffee at the bar after breakfast, we moved out of the sunshine as, clad in jeans for travelling, our legs were burning! It was a nice surprise to come home to sunshine in the late afternoon, and the rain was very civilised and did its stuff during the night.

  1. So sorry Isobel! What an eejit – an email just popped into my box from her and my stupid brain automatically typed her name! Sigh. Is this what Old Age will be like? 😀

    • Very likely. But we have similar vowel and consonant combis. I sometimes get called Alison. When I was a child, the name most people called me if they got mine wrong was Sylvia. I can see the connections.

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