In Answer to Your Comments

My apologies for not replying to your comments. Believe me I have tried. The rationing continues. If I wake in the middle of the night, as I tend to do, I shall post this then.

In the meantime; my thanks to Jan. We have supplementary questions which may earn you even more admirers: to wit, are these fungi poisonous, and how likely are we to see them in the UK? I now have a reputation to keep up. Members of the group zealously pointed out fungi to me to photograph today. I haven’t looked at the results, so they may be an out of focus blur. I don’t think I managed to catch a pic of the adder we disturbed I a sunny path. It shot away from us, and must have thought the paparazzi had turned up. It may well still be recovering.

Sally: I don’t think Publisher is a good idea. If you are using a tablet try the wordpress app or Blogsy and upload media in the usual way. When are you next in the UK?

Pix: as Sal (Japonica Flowers) will tell you better than I, the Greeks attitude to cats is one of acute dislike. Obviously there are exceptions, but an awful lot of animals scavenge about tourist resorts, endless kittens starve in winter, and no doubt puppies too. I have seen goats hobbled, despite the fact that it is illegal so to do in the EU. When I was here a few years back one of my friends reckoned the cats recognised English and would approach anyone speaking that language. The vet I take MasterB to regularly comes to Greece to neuter cats for a charity.

Celia and Gilly: today was gorgeous. I am very lucky the weather is so good, but if cannot take the credit. Today I was in long sleeves as I have brought one long sleeved shirt and one short sleeved one, and the latter was drying having been worn yesterday. And Celia, the whole group is eating the strawberry tree fruits! I think the will be a surge in the nurseries of the UK.

My apologies to anyone else who has commented. I managed to see these before the connection failed.

I also realise there are several messages I thought I had sent which have gone nowhere. More middle of the night activity.

Sweet dreams.

4 thoughts on “In Answer to Your Comments

  1. Hi Isobel – the fungus is not edible and quite honestly you wouldn’t be tempted as it smells like rotting meat, apparently! It’s a rare in southern Britain and only lasts 24 hours before collapsing. It’s a member of the Stinkhorn family of fungi of which the most famous member (ahem) is Phallus impudicus.

    Look forward to your other fungi pics! 😉

    • You may have to wait for more pix. I have found Internet corner where there is a strong signal, but i am not sure about uploading pix. I may come back with my iPad.
      I was pretty close to the Witch’s Heart and didn’t notice a smell.
      Lots of pix to share, nut not necessarily in focus…

  2. Thankyou for your comments. I agree about the publisher idea but it was worth a try. My comments about the attitude towards animals were rather general. I know many people who are fine owners of pets and who really care for strays but they are generally to be found in towns or cities. When my girls were little they would stroke animals without a second thought. We encouraged this. But we were often criticized, sometimes hysterically, because people linked strays to rabies. There could even be some truth in this. I remember a friend in Istanbul many years ago who was scratched by a kitten and had to have a whole series of rabies jabs. It is so long since this problem has existed in England that we don’t even think about it.

    • I am glad to hear this. The casual cruelty and lack of interest in animals’ welfare has disturbed me when I have visited Greece.
      We saw a lovely dog chained up today. i find this upsetting.
      But I see a huge change in attitudes towards stray cats. I remember seeing them being chased and hissed at. Now they seem tolerated and I have seen a woman putting food out for them.

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