Of Mosquito Bites, Bee Stings, a Chained Dog, and Lots of Up

I thought I might upload some pictures, but it wasn’t to be. Today we walked up from a town where I drew some much needed cash from a hole in the wall.

Maybe I should make that we walked Up. I have plasters on my ankles from early morning mosquito bites in exactly the right places for my boots to rub.

We have nearly all been bitten. Jackie’s bites look like works of art. They started as small punctures, turned into pink, swollen patches and are now a patina of hues.

There has been a suggestion that we should have some sort of awards ceremony: most bites; biggest bite; smallest bite; bite in most embarrassing place.

Anyway, we went Up and in the foothills met a village where it seems many of the original habitants have sold up and gone. So a typical village in Greece has become a place of holiday homes and self catering for the mainly German visitors.

Lots of cats, and a dog with a death wish who chased cars. I was pleased to see happy dogs wearing collars. Later in the days we met a young, very underweight dog chained on the hillside. He was thrilled to see us. I gave him water and someone else had a biscuit for him. I wanted to take him home. He wants company and something to do. His future is something I find hard to contemplate.

A cat at our lunch stop was in quite a state. Nervous, fearful, but hungry enough to take cheese from my hand. The cats at this resort are lucky indeed. I saw them tucking into ham after breakfast. Ham no doubt liberated by a guest.

And the dogs here are very happy. I can’t think where we were the other day, but we saw the two happiest dogs in Greece.tails wagging, very sociable, neither fat nor thin. They greeted us joyfully and approvingly.

But back to the walk. We continued Up. Then up some more. There were lots of beehives. Did I mention that five people were stung in a walk the other day? One was our leader who was stung on the eyelid. Antihistamines have done their job, but her face is only now returning to normal.

We walked quietly and only one of the party got stung. At a rest stop, with not a hive in sight, a bee took a fancy to me. He stayed on my hand for more than half a minute; buzzed about my head; investigated my elbow; began to crawl up my sleeve; relocated to my knee; considered the leg of my shorts. I didn’t get stung, thank goodness.

After a lot of Up we had a lot of Down. As much down as we had had Up. Not a good sign. We picnicked in the same village where I threw wine around the other night, and relaxed over beers. Then we went Up again. This is when we met the poor dog. I didn’t take his photograph. I did photograph the tortoise we met later.

Once we had reached the same amount of Up achieved in the morning, we went Up some more. Quite a lot more actually.

But we must have been doing something right because we were forty five minutes early at the end of the walk for our transport. Two of us wandered down to the seafront which was bathed in mist. Most of the businesses had shut up shop for the winter, but we found one open and got some drinks.

On the way back I saw people kayaking just down the coast from our hotel. I quite fancy a beach day tomorrow, and if the kayak hire is not too expensive it would be a lovely way to end the holiday.

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